The Kids Just Might Be Alright

Seasons Greetings dear Establishers! I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July. (If you’re an American, that is, or have a penchant for the good ‘ol stars and stripes.)

I hope you saw fireworks and noshed hot dogs and caught fireflies (without mashing them in your hands the way I always manage to) and didn’t wear shoes and drank ice cold beer and swayed a little to Springsteen . . . and took part in all the other preposterous and lovely traditions we trot out to celebrate our independence from those dastardly Brits.

In this episode of Unscrewed, host Jaclyn Friedman asks author, activist, and sex positive sage, Heather Corinna, about The Children. Have our puritanical roots rendered us unable to raise children without hang-ups and self-loathing? What’s the state of sex education in this country? Just what should we be teaching toddlers about their bodies? Can healthy sex save our lives?

Corinna, who founded Scarleteen — a site dedicated to “inclusive, comprehensive, supportive sexuality and relationships info for teens and emerging adults” — has just dropped an updated edition of their seminal book, S.E.X., which is now gender-neutral and boasts a new chapter on the consumption of media.

A vocal survivor of sexual assault and other adolescent trauma, Corinna is a dogged ally for youth; they are also damn smart and really funny. So listen up.


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Correction: When Corinna spoke about preschool sex Ed, they said Bay Area rape crisis, but meant Boston Area Rape Crisis — BARCC.

Lead image: flickr/Alex Proimos