The Pink Tax! Powerpuff Girls! And More You Might’ve Missed This Week

Long week? Looking to take a load off by reading in-depth stories about sexual abuse, the cost of being a woman, metaphorically, and the cost of being a woman, literally? Have we got you covered! In our weekly edition of “Est. Of The Week,” we round up the best stories, tweets, and videos you may have missed, all worthy of heated discussion at your weekend dinner party.

Top Reads

“What I Know

By Jessica Knoll for Lenny Letter

“I know that I am very, very angry. I learned in therapy that anger is easier to feel, that when it’s present, it is near impossible to experience other, more anguishing emotions. My anger is carbon monoxide, binding to pain, humiliation, and hurt, rendering them powerless. You would never know when you met me how angry I am. Like Ani, I sometimes feel like a wind-up doll. Turn my key and I will tell you what you want to hear. I will smile on cue. My anger is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It’s completely toxic.”

A hard-hitting and brutal confession by best-selling author Knoll, who comes clean that the rape scenes in her novel Luckiest Girl Alive were, in fact, experienced by her. CW: sexual abuse.

“Accomplished Woman Hillary Clinton Gets Nice Haircut, All Hell Breaks Loose

By Emma Gray for The Huffington Post

“Being a woman in this country means having your worth and respectability tied inextricably to your looks. Women are, of course, not obligated to keep up with beauty norms, but they are always expected to. As a woman who has been in the public eye for years, Clinton knows that all too well. She has not only had her hair picked to death, but also her glasses, her makeup (or lack thereof), her smile and her voice.”

Sigh. While other male politicians have been criticized for their looks, none of their characters or authenticity has been called into question as a result.

“Trump Supporters Keep Accidentally Tweeting At This Poor Magazine

By David Mack for Buzzfeed

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to acknowledge The Establishment’s brush with virality this week. Since January, a Trump supporter has been hurling invectives our way, having, apparently, mistaken us for the shadowy, old school, political establishment. Then again, after Trump’s abhorrent comments on punishing women who have abortions, I’m more than fine with being hated by a Trump supporter.

Top Multimedia


Create a Powerpuff girl avatar of yourself! Spend hours! Upload it to the Internet! If you’re a child of the ’90s, I probably don’t have to say much more about why I spent an hour of my day doing this.


“The Cost Of Being A Woman

This Glamour video breaks down — just by comparing the cost of a man and woman’s morning routines — how it costs nearly 2.5x more to be a woman. Let’s not even get to talking about how much more expensive it is to be a woman of color. I’d say it’s time to pay women more so we can equalize the gender wage gap.


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