The Politics Of Penetration: Why We Sexually Humiliate Hillary

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This week Jaclyn takes on the much-dreaded, maligned, and depressing-as-fuck “E” word. I speak of course of the 2016 Presidential Election.

While she manages to steer (pretty) clear of Trump — our nation’s most beloved maybe-fascist — she dives headlong into the (de)sexualization of female politicians, Melania Trump included.

Together with outspoken media critic and gender absurdities expert Soraya Chemaly, Jaclyn explores America’s fetishization of non-consent. We love to take powerful women down using their own bodies. But why is this such a potent expression of our disdain?

Women like Hillary, Michelle, Melania, and Condoleezza can’t win. Their sexuality is eviscerated from every angle; the intersection of sex, politics and the American psyche is a complicated morass of gender dynamics, shame, and objectification.

We collectively posit that to be penetrated is to be degraded — countless “pornifications” of female politicians currently exist as a vehicle to humiliate them, to strip them of their credibility, their morality, their composure, strength, and intelligence. (You needn’t look much further than the tasteless porn film “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin” to glean some charming insights into this phenomenon.)

And this isn’t just empty feminist rhetoric; The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published a study proving that “objectification causes women to be perceived as less competent and less fully human,” among other disturbing revelations. (Check out Chemaly’s brilliant piece on the danger of sexualizing female politicians right here.)

This isn’t just about subjugation, it’s powerful political maneuvering.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the sexuality spectrum is desexualization; if you’re “too old” and pantsuited — i.e. Hillary — to be “pornified,” then you’re a sexless shrew we wouldn’t want to penetrate anyway. She’s been portrayed as frigid, and unable to “satisfy her man.”

It seems society lacks the ability to take aim at these women in any other way than through their bodies. In short? It’s screwed the fuck up. Luckily, Jaclyn and Soraya have some advice on how to counter it. Get the full lowdown below.


Want to learn more? Check out Jaclyn’s show notes:

Harvard Study

PornHub Survey

Hillary Clinton being asked about flower arrangements.

Can Melania Trump be First Lady if she got naked in Maxim?

On Trump’s theory that Hillary can’t satisfy America if she can’t satisfy her own husband.


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Lead illustration: Katie Tandy

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