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Letter sent on May 12, 2017




Hey hi hello.

The term “numinous” was coined around 1900 by Rudolph Otto. I learned about the concept in grad school — it’s basically that na-na-na feeling when you’re looking at the ocean, or the stars, or into the eyes of an animal and there is a co-mingling feeling of awe and recognition.

It is bearing witness to the divine, to God, to your own perfection, which you have forgotten. Perhaps. In short, it’s the only sense of spirituality I cultivate in my life.

Tiny gestures of self-love are keeping me alive this week in the face of our ever-collapsing democracy. A bouquet of street flowers in a mason jar; a video of a sugar glider (an animal I didn’t know existed); a slice of sunlight on a napping dog’s face; the sound of my roommate grinding coffee as the first sound of my consciousness; my mother’s rasping laughter 2,000 miles away in Connecticut; and ever and always, a beautifully crafted phrase.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

Once You Have Made Pornography

By Lorelei Lee

You are not famous. You are an exhibit. But famous people, people with credentials, will, at length, critique your image, the few sentences of your voice that were recorded and edited by someone else. That someone else will be an authority. A “real” filmmaker. A “real” writer. A “real” artist. They will call the person who used your image for their own narrative fearless.

Miley Cyrus’Image Makeover Shows Why Black People Fight For Their Culture

By Jagger Blaec

I know I shouldn’t be as mad as I am. But seeing Miley categorize all of her “hoodrat” shenanigans of the past few years as a “phase” is exactly why people of color constantly fight to protect their culture. Cyrus has been waiting for the perfect moment to retreat back to her country facade and the white privilege that comes with it

White People, It’s Time To Prioritize Justice Over Civility

By Tauriq Moosa

South Africa, my country, only experienced universal, non-racist adult suffrage in 1994. There’s no level playing field here.

And yet, white moderates would rather fall on their swords to hear what racists think in the name of “free speech” than take the time to understand people of color’s perspectives. They insist on saying people are “too harsh” in punching Nazis (I have my own views), in shouting down Nazis, and in calling Nazis, well, Nazis.

Only In Becoming A Mother Could I Learn To Understand My Own

By June Moreau

Most of us, I think, intend to be good parents; the reality is more like scrambling through the woods at night with a child in your arms, not realizing there’s a tree right in front of you until you’ve run headlong into it. I know, now, that my mother must have often found herself in those same woods, trying to figure out how to carry me safely across this same unknowable landscape.

How Universities Shut Down Discussion Of Sexual Violence On Campus

By Jade Balir

Graduate student Ellie Ade Kur, co-founder of the University of Toronto chapter of Silence is Violence and co-creator of the campaign, believes that the university has a vested interest in keeping reports of sexual assault low — not by reducing the incidents themselves, but by discouraging victims who report.

Another organizer and survivor, Mira El Hussein, agrees: “No university wants to be the one with a rape scandal.”


Through Violent Sex, My Body Bears The Pain My Mind Won’t


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