Tips On Filling Out Your March Madness Bracket For Whose Time Is Up Next

If you want any chance of winning your office pool, heed this handy advice!

Filling out brackets can be daunting. Especially when, in industries varying from entertainment to journalism to government, so many people brought their A game to disgusting, inappropriate behavior in 2017!

Some of these individuals have experienced the spotlight of accusation in prior seasons, but the lack of results have kept on disappointing us year after year. Other entrants are fresh faces appearing in the tournament for the first time.

There are a million different combinations for the 68 individuals in the bracket who have not yet suffered appropriate consequences for their despicable actions. If you want any chance of winning your office pool, here are some tips on picking the Final Four creeps.

Never pick your winners based on history and prestige. Last year’s runaway victor, Harvey Weinstein, isn’t set to make a comeback anytime soon. It would be unimaginable if he won again this year.

A 16th ranked seed will never beat a number one seed in the first round. Sure, the physics TA who would uncomfortably stare at you in class seems like a promising choice, but it will bust your bracket!

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that surprises happen all the time. We were looking forward to placing Seacrest as our big upset to make it to the Elite 8, but then he didn’t even make it into the tournament. He was so close, it’s like WHAT HAPPENED?!

Teams with blue as their color have won the past 14 championships, making that Best Buy employee who followed you around the store for too long a contender to win it all.

Mel Gibson making it far is always an interesting choice. Expect him to either lose to a lower seed or make it to the Final Four.

A number 12 seed will always beat a number five seed in the first round. So make sure to pick that no-name comedian who crudely hits on his female colleagues, as he’ll make it further than you think!

Don’t forget about players like Kobe Bryant and Gary Oldman that made jaw-dropping tournament appearances in the early 2000s and have recently made rousing comebacks. They shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

Two number one seeds have never advanced to the finals, but this year, I can really see top picks Donald Trump and Woody Allen making it to the big dance. Both have been strong contenders in the tournament over the past 25 years, and it would be amazing to see one of them make it through to the end.

In fact, I really wish both of them could “win” this year. We’ve been waiting so long!

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