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Letter sent on Apr 7, 2017

Trumpian Conspiracies Are Anything But Conspiracies

These days I have a chronic, low-grade bronchial infection that renders my voice dangerously close to what I can only imagine sounds like a chain-smoking muppet in the mornings…

Pervertedly, this consistent reminder of sickness feels like an appropriate mirroring of our world. Between the confirmation of fuck-our-lives Gorsuch — marking the end of any semblance of bipartisanship in the Senate — and the bombing of Syria in response to chemical attacks that are nothing short of war crimes… it’s hard not to feel as though the planet is very, very sick indeed.

What are the things that remind you life is not a blur of sorrow and pain? For me, trite as it may seem, art has felt like an incredible respite for me this week; books, paintings, lilting lines of poetry, films. Art’s ability to exist and the tenacity of the people creating it feel like a refusal to succumb to a reality that’s too bleak to bear.

Superfluous beauty is a powerful thing.

With love + rage,
Katie Tandy
Co-founder | Creative Director

Stories From A Sanctuary City Courtroom

By Idalia Long

M’s family searched the coffee fields and woods for several days. “Cuando por fin encontré mi hermana,” M says quietly, “se había hecho en pedazos.”

I pause for several seconds, though it feels eternal with everyone waiting. Is M speaking figuratively, as in, When I finally found my sister, she’d gone to pieces? Or is her statement literal, the worst case scenario?

In a sane world, it would be the former.

What It Means To Be Highly Empathetic, And Autistic

By Alaina Leary

As this story demonstrates, I am an outwardly emotional person; I may also cry when I see someone crying, or absorb everyone’s emotions in group settings. All of which probably wouldn’t be worth mentioning if not for one fact: I’m also autistic. And public perceptions dictate that autistic and empathetic shouldn’t go together.

Why Trumpian Conspiracy Theories And Anti-Semitism Are Intimately Connected

By Talia Lavin

For white nationalists like David Duke, the suspect’s religion was proof of a theory they had championed: that Jews, in a coordinated plot, had created the attacks to “get sympathy to push their ethnic agenda.”

A popular meme, “Hey rabbi…watcha doin’?,” resurfaced: It depicts a hook-nosed Jewish stereotype spray-painting a swastika onto the wall of a synagogue. Reactions to the unlikely arrest further proved the durability, in a conspiratorial age, of the oldest conspiracy theory of all: anti-Semitism.

Résumé For A Twitter Egg

By Dorothy Bendel

Employment History:

*The 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns & Aftermath (2015-current)

Title: MAGA Hashtag Savant

Supervisor: Vladimir Putin

*When the Female-led Ghostbusters Movie Was Announced (2014–2016)

We Need To Be Kinder To Our Flaky Friends

By Sarah Ratchford

When we banish a friend for their repeated lack of follow-through, we fail to link so-called “flakiness” with the common reasons behind it: depression,anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses.

I have anxiety and depression, and when I “flake,” it’s usually because I woke up with my heart pounding, running a laundry list of all the things I have to worry about. Cooking up potential ways for your life to blow up on repeat is exhausting and leaves no time or space for anything else.




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