Unexpected News From The Establishment

This is not the announcement post we had planned to publish today.

The one we had prepared and painstakingly fine-tuned over the course of the last month — complete with a dancing Patrick Stewart GIF! — was celebratory, heralding the arrival of a new era of opportunity and expansion for The Establishment. The post had restated our commitment to amplifying marginalized voices, outlining our founding tenet of supporting and highlighting substantive, quality journalism and art. We acknowledged that such media is more imperative than ever, given the dawning political age with its insidious affronts to basic norms of decency and equality.

This commitment — our founding values — have not changed. And indeed, our vision for continued growth, has not changed. The path there, however, looks different now than it did when we were drafting the original announcement post.

Our announcement, of course, was that The Establishment had migrated to Medium — and indeed, as evidenced by our new design, we have. We were in the process of migrating, in fact, when Medium’s own announcement outlining its “major changes” went live.

Since the company’s inception, The Establishment team has unanimously prized a model of radical transparency. Continuing in the vein of this tradition, we are sharing what we know.

Medium initially approached us about a possible migration over the summer. We have been in the process of migrating our site from Wordpress to Medium since late fall, excited to join the ranks of publishers we admire—ThinkProgress, The Awl, Femsplain, The Ringer, Pacific Standard, to name but a fewand the broader Medium network of talented writers and thoughtful readers alike. Our launch day, today, was scheduled in early December. We received news of Medium’s pivot and attendant downsizing when the rest of the world did, around noon.

At this time, this is, literally, all we know.

And while the celebratory nature of our initial post has been lost in this time of great uncertainty and upheaval within the mediasphere — a time when too many innovative and hardworking people in the industry are out of jobs — much of what we’ve written in our original introductory post remains unchanged.

Our commitment to our readership has not changed. Our guiding principles and values have not changed. The importance of centering unheard voices has not changed.

And indeed, our vision of expanding as a media company at this pivotal crossroads also has not changed. We remain committed, as we’d written in the original post, not just to “reaching more hearts and minds, but to more fully fostering a community committed to truth, challenging the powers that be, and weathering together the trials and tribulations that stretch out before us.”

And this is exactly what we’ll do, keeping you posted on our decisions along the way.

Thank you to Alex Vikmanis, Keren Goldshlager, Shitij Agarwal, Elka Looks, Amy Quispe, Madison Kahn, Renee Carmichael, and everyone else who helped make this migration possible. And another massive thanks to Jake Mazonson for his tireless support and design mastery.

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