Unscrewed Podcast: A Kink In The Law

Greetings and salutations! Welcome aboard this week’s “Spare Parts” quickiesode, where we get you in and out of our Unscrewed podcast in 15 minutes or less. (Like an overeager — but highly potent — randy sailor should.)

This Tuesday, Jaclyn delves into our not-so-just justice system, exploring the recent case at George Mason University that found John Doe — a rather violent, erratic student who was in a consensual BDSM relationship — guilty of a crime that led to his expulsion.

Now, while the school has the young woman, on record, explaining that during one encounter, Doe did not respect her safe word — “red” — and continued sexually engaging with her (i.e. sexually assaulting her), this is not, bizarrely, the “reason” George Mason decided to expel him. Rather, they chose another run-of-the-mill, consensual BDSM encounter to pin their disciplinary action on, surfacing the neo-puritanical stuff of nightmares. Can we get kicked out of college because we like rough sex?!

John Doe then appealed the university’s decision, filing a suit based on Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that struck down homophobic anti-sodomy laws in 2003. But the District Court For Eastern Virginia ultimately rejected the concept that the precedent set by Lawrence v. Texas could, in turn, protect other kinky folk:

“There is no basis to conclude that tying up a willing submissive sex partner and subjecting him or her to whipping, choking, or other forms of domination is deeply rooted in . . . history.”

Basically? It’s a mutha-flippin’ snake-nest of ins and outs . . . and while you can rest easy that Big Brother isn’t busting down our doors to snatch away our butt plugs — yet! — the ability of an active BDSM-er to report rape or sexual assault and successfully press charges is still highly dubious.

Happily, Thomas Macaulay Millar — kinkster, lawyer, and Yes Means Yes blogger — gets into the hot seat to lay out the case and quell some of our fears.

Oh! And you’ll also get to hear from Listener J who is keen to learn how to gear up for anal exploration with a new partner — where there’s lube, there’s a way!


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Lead image: Nicole Daddona

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