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Letter sent on Feb 22, 2017

We Love Slapping The Internet With You!

Knowledge is power.

As The One Who Runs The Twitter (and all of our social media), I spend my days with our readers. (Yes, YOU!) I’m always looking to see how and why our content relates to you: Do people see themselves in a first-person essay, possibly for the first time? Are they learning from our in-depth reporting? Do they feel threatened by a marginalized writer having space for their story? Did we miss a typo? How can we do better? Which trolls need to be sent peanut butter GIFs, and who should just be muted or ignored?

Works every time.

Point is, I love my job!

By far, though, my favorite thing to see on Twitter is people slapping other people with our content. I smile every time someone says, “Here, read this, it will help you understand, it will teach you something, it says just what I want to say.”

I also pound a fist in the air when people use our content (instead of peanut butter imagery) to shut down those who would silence others.

You tell ’em, friends.

So thanks, you slap-happy Tweeps, for bringing me such joy every day as you show the impact of publishing so many voices who aren’t always heard in mainstream media.

We fiercely believe in the mission of The Establishment, and we spend every day pounding the pavement to find the necessary capital to keep going in a political climate determined to silence any and all dissension. While we work to piece together a sustainable path forward, we’re only as strong as our readership community—which is to say: you.

How can you contribute, you ask? Well, you can Donate ($3+), become a Member ($5+), or Sponsor a Story ($125–500). If you work with a brand, large or small, you can partner with us on custom packages.

And/or, if you want to wear your resistance loud and proud, you can buy tees and totes that (we hope) say just what you want to say. This week only, in honor of President’s Day — or rather, #notmypresidentday — we’re offering a special deal on ALL merchandise. Just enter promo code notmypresident at checkout for 20% off all our ethically sourced swag, including this brand-new “If It Ain’t Woke, Don’t F*ck It” tee, inspired by Megan Ford’s brilliant essay of the same name:

A dating motto for the ages.

Though it’s now a week past our original deadline, we’re still just a few thousand dollars away from our initial fundraising goal of $12K. When you buy merchandise, you not only get cool gear — you also help us publish more stories from marginalized writers who need to be heard, and keep paying those writers…you know, the ones who say just what you want to say.

After all, we’re all in this together.

With Love (as always),

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