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Our Story

As we wrote about last Wednesday, the timing of our move to the social publishing platform Medium was, ahem, less-than-ideal (catch the full semi-sordid-turned-redemptive tale here).

That said, night is always darkest before the dawn, and a wondrous, glimmering future lies ahead.

We want to emphasize that we remain the bastion of quality, inclusive journalism, personal essays, humor, magical multimedia creations, and art you’ve always known us to be. We are still accepting pitches, we’re still paying our brilliant creators, and we’re still turning the media landscape on its head by publishing the historically marginalized voices who’ve been shut out of the conversation for far too long.

We remain committed to bolstering diverse voices, surfacing the stories of those most often erased, and stemming the tides of virulent misinformation with thoughtful, substantive, fact-based media.

But we also know that we can’t shake up our broken system without supporting creators financially; there can be no equal representation without money to pay people for their hard work.

High-quality, inclusive media cannot be made for free; if we want a new establishment, we need to build it together.

Below are more piping-fresh avenues for doing precisely that.

Build Your Brand With Our Community

Are you a shit-kicking company working to make the world a brighter place? Looking to connect with a brilliant, engaged community through innovative campaigns? Email partnerships@theestablishment.co for our media kit and more information on how to partner with us.

Let The World Know About The Establishment!

We understand that not everyone has the cash to support us right now, so fear not! If you love our work, there are other invaluable ways to show your support. As always, sharing our stories on social media (and now highlighting and recommending posts on Medium) is crucial for getting the good Establishment-y word out and raising the profile of the creators valiantly tackling the inequalities of our world.

Sharing links to our brand-new campaigns is just as helpful! Plug in the hashtag #BuildEST, and you’re good to go…

Fighting The Good Fight Together

While aspects of our move to Medium did not go anywhere near as planned, many of the company’s reasons for its pivot do hold true. This is a challenging era for quality journalism. Print is waning, standard TV revenue is way down in the age of internet streaming, and no one has quite figured out a wide-scale model for making substantive digital publishing profitable.

Medium CEO Ev Williams was correct when he said, upon Medium’s launch in 2012, that our current media system is “unsustainable and unsatisfying for producers and consumers alike,” and that, “We need a new model.”

We also agreed with him last week when he announced that “a better system — one that serves people” is “imperative.”

Our current media system is broken. It does foster a race-to-the-bottom, clickbait-tastic, fluffy listicle model over meaningful, edited, and fact-checked content that spurs a meaningful cultural discourse. Our dystopian political moment was partially ushered in by a tsunami of “fake news.” A new system is imperative.

But while Williams and Medium chase a monetization silver bullet, we believe in a more fundamental — indeed, an elemental — change; we believe that we can’t construct a better system without everyone having a seat at the table.

We believe that we can’t construct a better system without everyone having a seat at the table.

Constructing a just society, a just world, requires real, fair, and authentic representation. It requires filling the gaping void that currently exists in media, providing space for those who’ve been systematically shut out of the conversation. It requires, if you will, constructing a new establishment — one that works for us all.

In a matter of days, a billionaire narcissist who ran a presidential campaign based on a platform of open bigotry and hatred, whose epic lies and lack of a moral compass threaten not just the basic freedoms and rights of our society but people’s very lives, will be inaugurated.

The path forward is a bleak one. Hope is scarce and the challenges and threats abundant and growing by the day.

But we have justice and truth on our side — and we have each other.

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