Welcome To The RNC! A Musical ‘Tribute’

Welcome to Ohio!

There’s so much for you to see.

For it’s time for Republicans

To gather and talk about how to be free!

[So long as you’re not a woman or minority]

You can be free!

And look,

There’s Mitt Romney!

Just kidding.

He’s not coming.

And oh, is that McCain?


It’s the same.

Turns out the GOP nominee is such a shitshow,

Even the Republicans don’t want to be

At the RNC!

Here he comes . . .

The potential leader of the free world!

The man who could follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, and Jefferson, and Roosevelt!

Your nominee for president of the United States of America!


No seriously, that’s who you elected.


No really, that’s the contender for president.


Oh, god.

Now he’s gonna take the stage . . .

To spew hatred!

And bigotry!

And talk about how some people don’t deserve their humanity!

America, America!




He’s just phobic of everybody.

America, America!

So welcome to

The RNC,

Where as long as you’re a white man

You can be free!


All images courtesy of Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, and YouTube

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