What Does Lady Gaga Feel Like? Surviving Sexual Assault And The Oscars

Bonjour dear Establishers — welcome to this week’s “Spare Parts” Quickiesode, where you get tasty outtakes from last week’s Unscrewed podcast episode — “The Cunning Linguist” — as well as listener feedback and a bonus interview, all in 15 minutes or less.

This fine Tuesday, Jaclyn asks slang lexicographer Jonathon Green — last week’s delectable guest — how he got into the dirty word biz, and just who (maybe you?!) is going to carry his big bright torch (get it?!) when his corporeal self skedaddles.

She also offers up some listener-generated lady-slang, including the sure-to-explode-the-lexicon phrase, “She’s got ute,” a clever take on Jaclyn’s suggestion that tenacity and dogged bravery “takes a uterus,” not (the elephant-skinned and very sensitive) balls. We’re still keen to build our own library of lady-centric slang, so keep sending your brilliant, cocks-need-not-apply colloquialisms our way.

Most exciting of all however, is Jaclyn’s interview with Andrea Pino — co-founder of End Rape on Campus (EROC) — who, alongside more than 50 other survivors of sexual assault, took to the Oscar stage to flank Lady Gaga in her harrowing performance of, Til It Happens To You. The event marked an unprecedented display of public support for victims of sexual violence.

Jaclyn and Andrea discuss visibility, the red carpet, and of course, how Lady Gaga feels.

Have burning questions of your own? Tweet @jaclynf (use #Unscrewed) or drop her a line at unscrewed@jaclynfriedman.com. And yes! You can even use your handy-dandy smartphone, personal computer, or laptop and record yourself asking your question; she may just include it in the next episode.


Lead image credit: flickr / Monster Mons

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