What’s The Point Of Life?

By Candice Novak

What is the meaning of life?
“I think the point is to have as much fun as you can and go as far as you can. Because you only have one chance here.” — Julia, 19

Intrepid Establishment photographer Candice Novak hit the streets of Oakland, California, to ask random women about the mystery of our very existence. Profound thoughts ensued.

“We’re born, we’re helpless, we’re hopeless. So, I think we’re here to help each other. I work at a crisis line, and the people who challenge me the most are the people who call but don’t want help.” —Katherine, 33
“I think some people work too hard trying to find it, like, ‘what is the ultimate goal?!’” —Khouhori, 20
“To make money and buy cute things.”
How do you make money?
“Money is energy, so it’s just something you have to manifest.” —Shauna, 30
“I want to help other people. By cleaning clothes, I think I can help people, who then have more free time to enjoy their lives and their family.” 
— Janet, 53
“I think we’re all little seedlings, so we need things like love and sunlight, nourishment, self-care . . . The hardest thing is to be gentle with myself and to be patient with myself.” — Noemi, 28
“Is God in this?”
If you’ve got one?
“Sometimes people don’t want to hear what I have to say, but I say, ‘God loves you.’ And that’s basically my motto!”
— Patsy, 62
“To be kind . . . we’re tiny creatures in a vast, chaotic universe adn the only thing that seems worth anything is to be kind to one another. I’ve gone through a few really dark periods in my life where I had to question, like, why am I really here? And I had to come up with an answer—otherwise I wouldn’t be here.” — Lauren, 38

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