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Letter sent on Mar 19

When Do You Take Off Your Mask?

Welcome home.

you have sadness
living in places
sadness shouldn’t live
rupi kaur

How many of you wear a mask before you step out into the world?

I wear one that strips me of my title of “mother” before I walk into my workplace.

Above it, I put on another mask that downplays the brownness that is inked deeply on my skin.

On top of that is the mask that strips away any hint of an accent that betrays I’m not an immigrant.

Often, I exchange my unpronounceable ethnic name for one that makes others feel less offended.

Too many of us walk in spaces that weren’t created for us, or by us.

To survive, we strip away the identities that are familiar, for the ones that make those around us feel safer.

The question I always want to ask is: will there be a day we can appear unmasked?

Will it be in time, or will it be after we forget who was there once underneath?

With love + solidarity,
Ruchika Tulshyan
Founding Editor

#PressForProgress For Invisible Women

By Aparna Rae and Ruchika Tulshyan

In the name of gender justice, women of color have come to bat alongside you at every step of the way. Last year, we helped save Alabama from electing a known racist pedophile, not to mention voted in the highest percentages against Trump. For decades, we’ve done the labor for you and now it’s your turn to be an ally to us in the gender and racial justice movements.

You, our cis white women and allies, you are in a powerful position to speak up and disrupt the status quo.

Here’s how you can step up as allies to invisible women this International Women’s Day — and every day going forward.

On The Fear Of Pregnancy Loss During The First Trimester
By Nikki Gloudeman

To report on the actual facts surrounding miscarriage would, perhaps, be unseemly; it’s far more quintessentially American for bright and blissful mommy blogs to revel in the sanctimonious miracle of birth.

And it’s far easier to sell your pro-life (anti-choice) case that the life of a fetus must be cherished and protected at all costs if that fetus is presented as a guaranteed baby.

I now know I have a choice — and the first decision of this early motherhood comes sharply into focus. I can be anxious unceasingly, spending my days online, consulting alarming statistics, telling myself I’m just trying to stay prepared. Or I can embrace in this moment that there is a chance, a better chance than not with each passing day, that I will have this baby.

Meet HSLDA, The Most Powerful Religious-Right Lobby You’ve Never Heard Of

By Samantha Field

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has fomented a culture of suspicion and wild conspiracy theories that may put children in danger.

To its proponents, the HSLDA represents the first and best protection they have against an adversarial government bureaucracy.

In the early ’80s, home education was widely illegal, and fell under truancy statutes — which govern compulsory full-time education — in many states.

In response, a few intrepid lawyers founded the HSLDA and over the decades have relentlessly pursued the utter abolishment of homeschooling regulation and oversight.

As of 2018, they’ve largely succeeded.

Not only is homeschooling legal in every state, it is now so unregulated that in 11 states, parents are not required to notify anyone of their intent to homeschool.

If you’re seeking a community of love, may we interest you in joining us as an EST member?

Student Activists Are Fighting Back Against The Spread Of Cops On Campus

By Mehreen Kasana

As student activists lead an anti-gun violence movement throughout the United States, a small but discernible voice among the youths is calling for removing police officers from campuses.

This tense moment in America’s political climate has inspired some student activists to make a radically progressive demand, calling for strengthening mental health programs in schools, among other views, instead of flooding school premises with potentially aggressive police officers.

Segments of American society who are reluctant to evaluate the role of police forces may feel uncomfortable, but a focus on de-weaponizing campuses may harmonize and equalize the education system for students of color, who have been historically on the receiving end of inequality under the country’s justice system.

This Therapist Is Trying To Cure ‘Nice Guys’

By Julia Goodman

Nice Guys think treating women with a basic level of respect is a bargaining chip that can be exchanged for attention, sex, or a relationship.

When Nice Guys don’t get the exchange rate they expect, their behavior can become cruel and even violent.

Some therapists believe it’s possible to treat Nice Guys through therapy.

But when men aren’t taught to challenge gendered assumptions about the roles of men and women, will therapy really help?

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