Why Do Women Love Tickle Deodorant?

Happy Saturday, inimitable Establishers! I’m so happy you’ve swung by on this fine Saturday to get your weekly dose of womanly w-e-i-r-d from the days of yore.

I can’t lie. It’s been a good week — fascinating interviews with filmmakers I admire! A foray into fledgling love-world with a fresh (and maybe well-adjusted?!) man! Ice-cold cheap beer, Nintendo, and a series of good nights’ rest! In short? My spirits remain buoyant as I write to you from the beautiful bowels of Oakland on a very sunny day.

The point is, I didn’t go too dark on this one. I took a gander at the sexist shadows ever-creeping and I said, “no motherfuckers, not today.” However, deodorant — or being a smelly girl as it were — is near and dear to my heart, as I am in fact a smelly girl.

Ahh, Tickle Deodorant commercial circa 1977. How I love your utterly unnecessary ball-joke. How I love the vapid giggling, the unapologetic eyeshadow, the unbelievably pathetic pull-up shot.

You are the bubbles in my nose after drinking a Coke too fast. Annoying as hell and kind of painful but also kind of nice?

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