‘Women’s Work Isn’t For Sissies’

‘The home maker walks miles every day—from sink to icebox, from cupboard to stove, from kitchen to dining table.’

T his exemplary vintage video—circa 1940—finds us in the hot heart of domestic life for women. So for all of you who are, like, “I saw Mad Men and all those women were just bon bon-ing around in floral dresses making cocktails and babies while the fancy manly men sat at big shiny desks and wrote big important commercials,” this PSA is gonna help shift your paradigm.

This is for all of you Draconian dummies who believe women are the weaker sex — wait till you see these women just crush their housework. Bet you’ve never watched a woman sew a button on while wearing an ergometer, have you? You also can’t conceive — because you’re just a backwater misogynist — of the amount of pressure (five tons!) the average secretary puts on her “dainty fingertips” per day. Or that even a mountaineer would be daunted by the amount of stair-climbing the average housewife does while carrying mops. In heels.

These women are cooking dinner, they’re ironing shirts for their husbands, they’re driving cars. They’re unstoppable. Never has female strength and versatility been so beautifully rendered.

Housework is a daunting task for men; it takes the singular fortitude, intelligence, and energy — what stamina! what pep and ginger! what whip-cord resilience! — of women to accomplish it.

Weaker sex, my ass. Just feel my rock-hard, domestic chores-induced buttocks of steel.

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