Morning Hustler Commute

All I have and ever had is going.
It is gone, let it go.
Let it drift like moon and river flowing
 With a tranquil churning flow.

Let it swim as all the world is swimming
 Past the car where I lie;
All I meant go glimmering and dimming
 Like the floating moon and sky.

In the city I sweated for achievement,
 I have failed, never mind.
I believe I suffered some bereavement,
 That has slipped me now, I find.

I am done with feeling and ambition.
 All I need is a train
Then to blunder into no condition
 That would give me hope or pain.

I will live and answer not a question
 That I put with a smile,
Hours of dream shall bring their dim suggestion
 And to breathe seem worth the while.

I shall live with not a hopeful worry
 But to smile when I die.
Death will come, but not in any hurry.
 Does it hustle? No. Then why should I?