50 Wallets Signed-Up, Growing dWeb, TruffleSuite, & More: ENS Ecosystem Update

Brantly Millegan
Nov 22, 2019 · 4 min read

The ENS ecosystem has been exploding in recent months. A combination of our launch of multi-coin support, the release of shorter .ETH names, a viral trend of putting your .ETH name in your Twitter profile, and a growing list of things you can do right now with your ENS name have all led to many more wallets and dapps adopting ENS. This has further cemented ENS as the most widely adopted blockchain naming project by a wide margin.

We are grateful to the community for all the support! About two and a half years old now, ENS is an open source project managed by a non-profit organization, supported mostly by grants from the Ethereum Foundation. ENS didn’t do an ICO and has no investors; instead, we view ENS as a public good, basic infrastructure not only for the blockchain community but for the whole Internet.

Since it belongs to the community, we welcome all contributions and feedback. Feel free to jump in anytime to our Gitter, forum, and Github.

Here’s an update of how the ENS ecosystem is doing.

Wallets and more wallets 👛

ENS is the industry standard for naming cryptocurrency wallets. With our multi-coin support, you can use your one ENS name to receive not only payments of ETH but also BTC, BCH, LTC, and many others. It just works.

In our last update, there 35 wallets that had either integrated or had committed to integrate ENS name resolution or more. That number is now 50!

Among the new 15 wallets, some have already integrated (some had even integrated previously, and we just didn’t know about it; please tell us if your wallet or dapp has integrated ENS so we can promote it!), while others have committed publicly to integrate soon. They are:

The other previously announced 35 wallets are: D’CENT Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Bitcoin.com Wallet, Opera, TrustWallet, imToken, Portis, MyCrypto, Haven, Atomic Wallet, Squarelink, Coin Request, DexWallet, Enjin, Wyre, Status, Alpha Wallet, Argent, Cipher, LETH, PandaX, MetaMask extension, MyEtherWallet, Coinomi, Math Wallet, Flare Wallet, ZelCore, Coinhako, Moonlet, Midas Protocol, Everest, BitFreezer, Guarda, StiB, and Bitpie.

If your favorite wallet isn’t listed here, feel free to politely request they integrate ENS. 😇

Dapps! 📱

See the full list on our website

Many other services beyond wallets also support ENS in various ways. You can see a full list of those on our website, and that number is now up to 46 (and growing all the time).

That includes things ranging from the first ICANN-accredited registrar that offers .ETH names EnCirca, popular dapps like Uniswap and Colony, and NFT markets like OpenSea and Emoon.

If you add ENS support to your dapp, you can submit a PR to get your logo and link on our homepage.

Decentralized web 🌐

ENS is a key component of the emerging decentralized web. The project Almonit maintains a list of all known IPFS websites accessible via ENS, which you can of course access as a decentralized website almonit.eth/ if you have MetaMask in your browser (or almonit.eth.link if you don’t, more on that below).

According to their list, there are now 79 such websites, which is about double from what it was a few weeks ago.

A particularly cool project from Origin Protocol is an online store that only uses ENS+IPFS (and required some interesting new innovations), which you can read about here.

If you want to launch your own decentralized website, it’s getting easier all the time. You can use services like Temporal or Pinata to easily upload your website files to IPFS, after which you simply put the IPFS hash in the Content record of your ENS name using our Manager.

The Opera browser, other major desktop browsers with the MetaMask extension enabled, MetaMask mobile, and Status all natively support ENS+IPFS websites. But if you aren’t using any of those, never fear, you can still access the decentralized web!

In partnership with Protocol Labs (creators of IPFS), we recently launched a service that allows people to access ENS+IPFS websites in a normal browser. All you have to do is append .LINK to the address. So if “almonit.eth/” doesn’t work for you, try “almonit.eth.link” and it should load like a normal website.

TruffleSuite 🍬

TruffleSuite recently added native support to ENS! This makes it that much easier to add ENS to your dapp.

Library support 📚

ENS continues to have great library support, with 11 libraries now across seven languages. If you manage a library and you add ENS support, please let us know so we can add you to our docs.

Want to join the party? 😎

We’ve got everything you need right here to integrate ENS:

Keep us in the loop 📋

If you integrate ENS, please let us know! You can mention us on Twitter (we’ll likely retweet your ENS integration announcement), or you can email us at brantly@ens.domains.

You can also submit a PR to get your logo and link on our homepage.

The Ethereum Name Service

News about the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) from the team building it. Follow this publication for the latest ENS developments.

Brantly Millegan

Written by

Dir. of Operations at Ethereum Name Service (ens.domains). Personal website → brantly.xyz

The Ethereum Name Service

News about the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) from the team building it. Follow this publication for the latest ENS developments.

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