ENS Launches Multi-Coin Support, 15 Wallets to Integrate

Brantly Millegan
Oct 16 · 4 min read

→ UPDATE: 35 Wallets Are Now Signed-Up to Support ENS (Multi-Coin Update)

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is pleased to announce the launch of multi-coin support on mainnet, with 15 wallet partners already committed to support the new feature.

This means users can now use one ENS name for all of their cryptocurrency wallets, with all the benefits of decentralization, security, censorship-resistance, programability, and more of ENS.

The Largest Ecosystem Support

ENS for Ethereum addresses was already supported by 12 wallets; with the addition of new wallets committing to support ENS because of the new multi-coin feature, the total number is now 24.

This cements ENS’s place as the most widely adopted blockchain-based naming service by a wide margin. If you want a blockchain-based name for your cryptocurrency with the widest support in the ecosystem, we recommend getting an ENS name.

Here is a list of the 15 wallets/services that have committed to supporting the new multi-coin feature specifically so far:

For a list of the wallets that were already supporting ENS for Ethereum addresses, see our website.

(And if you’re wondering why 12 wallets supporting ENS previously plus 15 supporting a new feature equals 24 total, it’s because 3 of the wallets supporting the new feature previously had ENS support for Ethereum addresses. 👍)

See It In Action

Here’s a video demonstrating the feature in D’CENT Wallet on mainnet:

Manager Support

We just launched an early version of multi-coin support in our official Manager app for testing out this feature.

Note that while ENS itself supports all cryptocurrencies in its records on mainnet right now, this first version of multi-coin support in our Manager UI currently only supports addresses for ETH, BTC, LTC, and ETC (and not all encodings yet, so use it with caution). But we’ll be expanding the capability of our UI over the next few weeks, so check back soon.

ENS Beyond .ETH: DNS Namespace Integration

The ENS-native TLD is .ETH, which represents Ethereum. If ENS supports things beyond Ethereum, isn’t that TLD limited in its usefulness?

We’ve explained elsewhere why we think it isn’t responsible to create more ENS-native TLDs. However, we still plan on expanding the namespace available for use on ENS by integrating the DNS namespace.

For example, the Ethereum Foundation owns the DNS name “ethereum.org”; with our system they could also have an ENS record for “ethereum.org” (not ethereum.eth, which is a separate name). In this way, the Ethereum Foundation could use “ethereum.org” both for their normal website (using DNS) and for receiving cryptocurrency payments (using ENS).

This already works for .XYZ names, as well as in a special way for names on .LUXE, .KRED, and .ART. And soon we will be rolling out this functionality to all DNSSEC-enabled DNS TLDs, which includes all the major ones.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

Special Recognition: D’CENT Wallet and BinanceX

We’d like to give special recognition to D’CENT Wallet, the first wallet to add ENS multi-coin support. They were the first wallet to agree to support the feature when we started work on it earlier this year, and they helped us on the spec. They’ve already launched it in their Android app, and iOS support is coming by the end of the month. We recommend giving them a look!

We’d also like to give special thanks to BinanceX, which gave us a grant for the development work on this feature. Thank you!

What is ENS?

For those who are new: ENS is an Internet naming service built with smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, providing naming for the blockchain ecosystem and far beyond.

In addition to support for all cryptocurrencies, ENS is also a key component for the emerging decentralized web (ENS+IPFS, accessible natively in Opera, in other browsers with the MetaMask extension, or via EthDNS with .LINK), is a working solution to the Tor .onion address naming problem, has support for voluntary personal WhoIs data, and even has a project underway for serving traditional DNS records (more information coming soon).

Managed by a non-profit organization that spun out of the Ethereum Foundation, ENS seeks to bring the blockchain benefits of decentralization, security, and censorship-resistance to the Internet’s naming infrastructure.

Want to Add ENS?

If you are a wallet, service, or dapp developer and would like to integrate ENS, we’ve assembled a list of useful links below. ENS multi-coin support is already supported by the libraries go-ens and ethereal and will be soon in ethers.js. Please also reach out to us at brantly@ens.domains so we can add you to our website.

Useful Links

The Ethereum Name Service

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