ENS Now Supports WalletConnect and More

With more people using mobile wallets, WalletConnect has been one of the most requested features for the ENS Manager App. I am pleased to announce that we finally added support.

In addition to MetaMask (and any injected wallet such as Status.im, Opera, etc) and WalletConnect, we also added support for Portis, Torus, Authereum, and MEW wallet, which are supported by the Wallet Modal framework.

So what can you do with these wallet support besides registering ENS names and setting cryptocurrency addresses?

The answer is…. setting up your reverse record.

Once you go to “My Account” page, you can set your Ethereum address to resolve to your ENS name (as opposed to setting your ENS name to resolve to your Ethereum address).

Once you set the reverse record, a variety of dapps can now recognize your ENS name upon login and can greet with your ENS name!

We are also talking to Gitcoin to integrate usage of ENS reverse records to give a +5% boost on the match funding. The PR is in the final review stage and we hope to become available before CLR round 8 ends.

We do not claim that setting reverse record is a foolproof way to identify a human over a bot, but from a Gitcoin point of view, adding different ways to verify you will strengthen the identity as a combined unit.

The reverse record utilization rate is still low (about 22% of all ENS record) and we hope the new addition of wallet support enables much wider adoption of ENS reverse record and ENS usage in general.

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