ENS Online Workshop 2020 Recap

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our online workshop. We had nearly 40 participants from around the world and had very active discussions.

You can watch all the sessions on our Youtube playlist but here is a quick recap.

Session 1: ENS on layer 2

In this session, we invited two speakers, Vitalik presenting a general-purpose layer 2 static-calls proposal, and Alexander Kolotov & Kirill Fedoseev presenting ENS AMB mirroring implementation (which works in any EVM compatible chain).

You can read a more detailed recap of this discussion here.

Session 2: DNS Integration

Nick Johnson led the conversation about the current state of our DNS integration (e.g., using a .com as an ENS name).

We had some participants from the DNS industry so we also discussed how DNSSEC (which ENS leverages to prove the ownership of a DNS name on Ethereum) adoption is slow.

Session 3: Governance

We had four speakers discussing the following 4 topics.

  • Transparency on revenue (4:20)= Makoto
  • Our goals for decentralising governance (10:49) = Nick
  • Consortium idea (23:35)= Brantly
  • DAO example by DXdao (38:04)= Nylon
  • Final Q&A (49:54)

Session 4: ENS Developer Ecosystem (aka show & tell)

The last session was a series of 10 min lightning talks with the following projects that leverage ENS followed by a quick discussion about what kind of dev tooling/support is missing.

If you want to learn more about how to integrate ENS into your dapp, we are planning to do an integration workshop on Oct 5th (9am and 4pm UTC) guiding through various tools and techniques as well as consulting about your dapp ideas through our open office, so don’t forget to register via https://xdai.kickback.events/events (the dapp is on the xDAI network).

After party

RicMoo suggested to have an after party, so we flocked into our Discord voice channel and talked about various topics (I may have dominated most of the conversation talking about yield farming craze which was nothing to do with ENS…).

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