ENS Online Workshop 2021–1: Call for Participation

It’s been over six months since our last workshop. Given 2021 Devcon is postponed, and online events are easier to organize, we would like to try out hosting ENS workshops more often.

Our next half-day ENS workshop will be held on Monday April 5th. The start time is 16:00 UTC (US pacific 09:00, US eastern 12:00, London 17:00, Zurich 18:00, Taipei 24:00, Auckland +1 04:00).

Following the previous format, we will be dividing the workshop into the following 50 minutes sub-sessions so that each participant can join the sessions they are interested in.

  • Layer 2
  • DNS Integration
  • Governance
  • Developer Ecosystem

If you are interested in active participation, please apply via this form.

When you apply, please read the following topic description and choose the subtopics you want to attend (you are welcome to apply for multiple sessions).

Layer 2

After the last meetup, we had a few follow-up meetings to solidify the idea, and Nick published it as an initial proposal.

Nick is currently working on the proof of concept integration with Optimism, and he will showcase the demo.

We welcome all L2 providers and wallet providers to participate.

ETHGlobal “Scaling Ethereum hackathon” will start from 9th April, so if you are thinking about hacking something related to the Ethereum scaling solution, you are also welcome to join.

DNS Integration

We are getting very close to integrating the rest of DNS into ENS, and the test version is currently deployed on the Ropsten network.

We want to answer any questions about this new feature during this session and discuss how to promote this new feature.


One of the most discussed topics in the last few months was rethinking the registration/renewal model of ENS, and thank you very much for all the input.

We will revise this specific topic to get further input from the participants alongside any other proposed topics.

If you have specific topics you would like us to discuss; please propose them on our discussion page.

Developer Ecosystem + Show & Tell

In the last meetup, the following 4 projects have presented at the event.

ENS is an open-source project. What ENS makes special is the number of services that integrate with ENS to provide UX improvement to end-users. We also would like to make this place to brainstorm how we can increase more integrations and interesting use cases of ENS. If you have a project built on ENS and would like to present it, please propose it in the discussion forum.


Following the last workshop, we will be hosting four mini sessions to discuss various topics related to ENS.

We will be recording the session, and we may do live broadcasting if there is bandwidth, but please fill in the form if you would like to join the discussion.




News about the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) from the team building it. Follow this publication for the latest ENS developments.

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