ENS Partners with Cloudflare on Improved ETH.LINK Service

We are pleased to announce we are partnering with Cloudflare to provide better service for eth.link. On January 18th, we will transition our ENS + IPFS gateway service hosted at eth.link to a version developed and run by Cloudflare. You can read a description of how Cloudflare’s service works on their blog.

To be clear: We are not simply using a pre-existing Cloudflare product to better manage the eth.link service ourselves. Instead, we have been working with Cloudflare over the last year to help them develop their own ENS + IPFS gateway service, and on January 18th we will point our DNS domain eth.link at their new service. This will not only provide better uptime and scalability but all sites accessed through the service will now have HTTPS.

The primary purpose of the eth.link service is pretty straightforward: users can append “.LINK” to the end of a .ETH name to access an IPFS website at the name like a normal website, no special browsers or extensions necessary. For example, if you have MetaMask, Opera, or another ENS+IPFS-enabled browser, you can visit almonit.eth/ — but if you don’t, you can still see the website using eth.link at almonit.eth.link.

We originally created the service with the help of Protocol Labs in 2019. Since then, usage has grown so much it’s gotten to be too much work for us to manage it. If you use it regularly, you may have noticed we’ve had some down time in the last few months (sorry about that!). We’re focused on developing ENS, not running infrastructure, so we reached out to Cloudflare. We’ve been working with them to help them develop their own similar service to which we could point eth.link, and we’re pleased to see it come to fruition.

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