ENS Registry Migration Is Over… Now What? A Few Things to Know

Feb 10, 2020 · 4 min read

We have migrated all .ETH second-level names (example.eth). No immediate action is required by those users. But there are still a few things to know and for some people to do.

  • Has your favorite wallet/dapp updated to use the new ENS registry?
  • Updating your resolver in order to change records
  • Migrating subdomains
  • Edge cases

Has your favorite dapp/wallet been updated?

The easiest way to check if the wallet you use is now pointing to the new registry is to look up migrated.eth and see if it resolves the name.

Below I compare the new version (left) and old version (right). As you can see, the old version does not have an address set so it won’t look up the name in your wallet/dapp if they point to the old registry.

We also have a public spreadsheet with every service that we know of with ENS integrated and whether we have confirmed they have updated to the new ENS registry or not. Note that some projects may have updated without telling us. If your project has updated, please email us at brantly@ens.domain so we can mark it updated.

Updating your resolver

If you don’t update your resolver, your name will still work just fine. You only need to update it if you want to edit your records.

Updating your name’s resolver is as easy as pressing the “Migrate” button in the resolver section in our Manager.

Note: There are some old resolvers that cause issues. If you encounter any problems with migration, please comment your name in this Github issue.

Migrating subdomains

We automatically migrated all second-level names (e.g., example.eth) and subdomains names dispensed by subdomain registrars (such as https://now.ens.domains/ , http://ismoney.eth.link/) but not subdomains people created on their own.

For manually created subdomains, you have to press “Migrate” to migrate to the new registry on the subdomain page in the ENS Manager.

There are two things you have to be aware of to be able to migrate on your own.

  1. You must be the owner of the parent name
  2. The parent domain must be migrated into the new registry

Otherwise, the migrate button is disabled.

If you received a subdomain via a wallet or dapp (e.g., yourname.argent.xyz, yourname.stateofus.eth , yourname.gitcoin.eth), you may see these messages until they migrate their names first.

Edge cases

Lastly, I will also explain a few edge cases.

I have names I acquired over the auction back in 2017 and haven’t migrated to the permanent registrar.

As part of the migration, we migrated all these names under the old registrar to the new permanent registrar (but the expiration date will stay the same). To recover your deposit, you must press “Return”. (Note that to keep your name beyond May 2020, you will need to renew your name for $5/year paid in ETH in our Manager.)

I have a .XYZ name

We didn’t migrate .XYZ names, so you will need to migrate them yourself. Make sure that the text record in the DNS records for _ens.yourdomain.xyz has your up-to-date Ethereum address and then press “Sync” in the ENS Manager.

Other TLDs (.LUXE, .ART, .CLUB, .KRED) are managed by the TLD operator so please follow their instructions.

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