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ENS workshop / hackathon is over! Thank you so much to all who participated.

We still have lots to digest and will be publishing a series of blog posts including all workshop summaries and hackathon winning projects. In the meantime, I would like to look back what the atmosphere of the event was like in the following order.

  • The healthy hackathon
  • The participants
  • The pitch and winners

The healthy hackathon

Prior to the hackathon, I wrote “three reasons to attend our hackathon” and one of the main attraction was “the healthier hackathon”.

Instead of offering lots of pizzas and energy drinks and making all participants super high, we provided the followings

The participants

We had over 40 participants on Friday workshop (invitation only ) followed by around 70 participants on Hackathon. Sorry for turning down entries to the workshop to some of you. We wanted to have a smaller number of participants on Friday so that we can have more focused discussion.

Friday workshop was done in smaller number of participants to have more focused sessions
The weekend hackathon had over 70 people

The weekend hackathon registration was handled by a project called BlockParty which I have been developing as a side project (I will write a separate blog post of how it went). The signup process was a bit slow so to encourage more sign up, we promised to give ENS T-shirts. Even better, if participants manage to set ENS name into their ETH address (aka reverse record), we promised to give T-shirts with their ENS names printed.

Using ENS reverse lookup to display ENS name of the given ETH address

It was initially meant for only the hackathon participants, but we decided to extend it to all ENS team as well as workshop participants who also signed up to the hackathon, such as RicMoo and Yuet Wong

In addition to the normal swags such as Tshirts and stickers, I also ordered over 100 fans from Japan. It was because London was exceptionally hot in the previous few weeks and we did not have any A/C in the room. Luckily it went a lot cooler a few days prior to the hackathon so we didn’t really need them.

The pitch & winners

In the “three reasons you should join ENS hackathon”, we also mentioned that everybody hacks including mentors and we decide the winners by a public vote. To avoid gaming the system, we deliberately decided not to offer any significant amount of financial prizes. The lack of financial reward was a concern for us so we brainstormed a few days prior to the hackathon and decided to give various reviews and coaching of the winning projects by ENS team members.

That includes

The prize is us! Take it!

In addition to these, we managed to secure one .luxe domain for the overall winning project.

We used github issues of our hackathon wiki page to post ideas. Both Nick, Beltran and I posted own hack ideas but interestingly Livepeer also posted their ENS integration idea with 500 livepeer tokens (no idea how much it worths)

In the end 11 teams pitched their projects. The youngest participants was Ghilia Weldesselasie , 18 years old, came all the way from Canada.

After the pitch, we conducted the public voting using “session cards” which we used to organise ENS unconference on Friday. It was interesting that the majority of votes were split into the top 2 projects, which was “ENS Nifty” and “FireFly:ENS on HW wallet”, followed by the joint third place of “ ENS address book” and “public ENS address book”.

We will publish more detailed information of these winning projects along with the rest, but for now congrats to all the winners!

If you want to see the full logs of all the socials happened during the ENS workshop and hackathon, please see our hashtag along with Deniel Liau’s facebook photo album.

If you did participate, please fill in the feedback from we emailed earlier.

Last, but not least, huge thank you to our sponsor Status , INFURA , and Aragon, for financially supporting us, Kings college, Antonio Sabado and his volunteer team for working tirelessly, our super star mentors for both mentoring and hacking, and our fellow ENS team members for making our hackathon very unique.

The Ethereum Name Service

The official source for news related to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Follow this publication for the latest ENS developments.


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The Ethereum Name Service

The official source for news related to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Follow this publication for the latest ENS developments.

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