How to Try Out the New Permanent ENS Registrar Before Launch on May 4th

Easy! Just go to ENS manager, point to the Ropsten testnet (or Goerli, though we found the network a bit unstable and had issues testing on our own), and boom: you should be able to see our new registration interface.

Do you actually have some .eth domains on the old testnet? Great, then you can also try out migrating from old registrar into thenew registrar by just pressing the “Migrate” button, which will migrate your name into the permanent registrar while releasing the deposit back to you.

If you are not intending to migrate, then you can also just click “Release” link. Doing so will just return your deposit back to you and the name becomes available for other people to register.

Please bear in mind that the new registrar only impacts .eth domains, not nor .test

We are very close to the launch and any feedback is welcome in our discussion forum. If you find a bug, then please add it to our ENS manager Github issues and label as bug and permanent registrar .