My name is …

The new ENS logo represents how ENS is “taking the sharp edges off” Ethereum. The intention is to make Ethereum more user friendly, while smoothing the onboarding process for people new to Ethereum.

We gave away personalised ENS T-shirts during our August ENS hackathon, Everybody loved them :)

Want your own? You can now buy it from!

We wanted to do something similar during DevCon4 as an on-boarding prize But we ran out of time.

The workaround? Just order bunch of custom name tags!

When I greeted people at DevCon4, I started the conversation by asking if they have an ENS name. If the answer was “yes”, I gave them an ENS sticker and pen to write their name and stick it to their DevCon4 pass.

This was considered Proof of ENS, immediately identifying you as an Ethereum pro ;) Here’s the collection of people I met doing this.

My name is alex.vandesande.eth What a cool subdomain idea! Give ENS subdomains to your family as gifts!
My name is nikpage.eth !
No, Han! The three letter ETH name is not released yet!

Want to be an ENS pro too? Tweet @ensdomains with your picture and ENS name!