Recap of ENS Online Workshop April 2021

We had another successful online workshop with representation from various backgrounds, from DNS experts to artists.

You can watch all the sessions on our Youtube playlist, but here is a quick recap.

Session 1: DNS Integration

Brantly gave an update on DNS namespace integration, both at the TLD and 2LD levels. We got some feedback from DNS-world people on various ways names can interact in both systems, particularly how a DNS TLD owner can make his TLD ENS-only.

Session 2: Governance

The first half of this session was spent discussing our current governance model, especially on our plan on how to restrict the root multisig capability of overruling TLDs. We spent the latter half on the idea of potentially forming a GrantDAO. We had representatives from DAOHaus and Gnosis team commenting.

Session 3: Layer 2

Nick did the first-ever demo of L2 integration of ENS on Optimism and discussed what would be required to turn this prototype into production as well as the various impact of the architectural changes. You can find the demo source code here.

Session 4: Ecosystem Show & Tell

We had 5 speakers demoing how their project integrates with ENS.

POAP badge!

We did a quick snapshot vote to choose the POAP NFT badge for the workshop, and here is the winning design. We will soon hand out those badges to participants who achieved the requirement I asked participants to do during the workshop.

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