Save the Date: Live @Pplpleasr + ENS NFT Showcase & Raffle

It has been one month since we announced our 4th Anniversary NFT giveaway of Pplpleasr NFT.

We asked our community member how many copies to give away, either 100 copies with a raffle or “unlimited” (one copy to everyone who entered).

In total, we had 2160 votes with “100 copies” more than double the votes of “unlimited,” so we will be organising a raffle event where Pplpleasr will showcase her artwork, and we’ll pick the 100 winners using

In addition to @pplpleasr showcasing her latest artwork and raffling it off, we also invited a guest from PleasrDAO who is famous for winning the bidding war for the “x*y=k” NFT charity auction.

The showcase event will be on 8th June (Tuesday) at 5 pm UTC (10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT, and 7 pm BST, and 1 am(+1) CST/JST).

The event will be live on YouTube. Don’t forget to set the reminder so that you don’t miss the event!

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