Step-by-Step Guide to Setting an NFT as your ENS Profile Avatar

This is a step-by-step guide to setting up the avatar record of your ENS profile. Right now, we only support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (this may expand in the future).

Warning: Support in the ENS Manager right now is very manual! A upcoming redesign of the ENS Manager (sneak peek here) will make this much easier to do. But for now, here’s a guide on exactly what to do:

If you don’t already have an ENS name, you can register a .ETH name or import in a DNS domain name you already own at You can set an NFT avatar for either kind of ENS name.

Be sure that your Primary ENS Name (reverse record) is set. This designates which of your ENS names represents your Ethereum account in dapps as your username. You can do that by going to, then My Account, and using the tool on that page to set it.

Go to and search for your ENS name to get to its records page. Make sure you Connect with the wallet that owns the ENS name. Then click “Add/Edit Records”.

Scroll down to the “Text” section, where you’ll fine the avatar record.

Note that you can put a HTTPS link or IPFS hash to a file. But if you’d like to put an NFT that you own, then you enter it in with this format:

eip155:1/[NFT standard]:[contract address for NFT collection]/[token ID or the number it is in the collection]

You can find all of this information in the “Details” section of your NFT on OpenSea.

Clicking the blue text of the Contract address will take you to its Etherscan page where you can copy the full contract address.

In this example, you would put all of this information together like this:


Warning: There should be no hypen in the token standard part. So even though OpenSea may show it as “ERC-721”, enter it as “erc721”. Also, the letters must be all lower case. It won’t work otherwise! This will all be automated in the future, but for now it’s manual and just be aware of these common mistakes.

Enter that into the avatar field, then scroll down and click “Confirm”. You will be prompted to approve a transaction. Once that transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your avatar is set!

Note that if you put an NFT that you do not own, it will not show up in dapps.

Try It Out

Refresh the page in the ENS Manager App, and you should see your ENS name and avatar on the left-hand side. Note, it may take a few seconds for our NFT avatar to show up (we’re working on reducing the time it takes to display).

Next head over to OpenSea and search for your name. Refresh the metadata (click the circular arrow button on the top right), wait a few minutes, then reload the page… and your avatar should now be the background image for the NFT image of your ENS name! (More on our new metadata service here.)

Now head over to and connect your wallet. Give it a few seconds and your ENS name and avatar should show up!

Click on your name and you see it again:

Lastly, go to and connect your wallet. Similar to Uniswap, you can first see it on the top-right…

…and then also in your profile box if you click your ENS name.

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