The Last Great Renewal: Short .ETH Names

Back in August, over 280k .ETH names were released and 2000 of these were re-registered during the so called “decaying premium” period, paying the extra premium (read the full results here). Since then, 10~30 names have been released daily.

However, we will be encountering another spike of names released in the next few months until it reaches a peak of 1271 names a day to be released on February 4th, 2021.

Most of these are names from the short names auctions about a year ago on OpenSea.

In total, there were 50,355 bids made for 7670 names, with the total worth of the winning bids at 5,698.97 ETH. The average number of bids was 6.56 (median 3), and the average amount was 0.74 ETH (median 0.052). You can read the full report here.

Many highly bid domain owners are savvy enough to register for multiple years so they don’t have to worry about the renewal for several years.

Of all the 7670 auction names, 2231 names had more than 1 bid during the auction yet the domain names did already expire and is now waiting to be released (they are in the 90 days grace period where owners can no longer control the name unless they are renewed). I have created another Dune Analytics query which combines the original auction data received from OpenSea so you can search such gems.

If you are one of the owners of these names and want to keep them, I definitely suggest you renew right now. If you are looking for acquiring these highly competitive names, you can either check the release date and put the date in your calendar so that you can acquire them during the decaying price premium at your preferred price (or wait until the 28 day period ends and get it with normal price).

To avoid this problem in the future, you can pay ahead for multiple registration years, set a calendar reminder with our “Remind Me” tool in the Manager, or set up an email notification.

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