The team ENS during DevCon4

If you are looking for ENS related slides during DevCon4, here they are, click each link to find the slides from that session!

Here’s what the ENS team was up to during the rest of DevCon4.

Day -6

makoto_inoue entered Prague almost a week earlier and joined the Winding Tree travel hackathon as a judge and gave a technical overview of how to integrate ENS into your dapp.

Day -2

makoto_inoue observed the Status #cryptolife hackathon. It was great to see the hackathon participants integrating with ENS in such a short time period.

In the mean time, Dean “the bad boy” Eigenmann teamed up with Amy and some core devs who flirt & weed & talk crypto price and came up with a project called “radical bodies” snatching a prize.

Day -1

Dean continued partying.

Why are you not even wearing the ENS cap I gave to you?!

Day 0

State of the ENS” by Nick Johnson and Jeff Lau on Day 0 was the talk everybody was anticipating.

Nick has been giving the update of ENS since DevCon2. The big difference this time is that ENS now has a team. This was a big DevCon conference speaker debut for Jeff Lau.

In parallel to the talk, makoto_inoue spent the whole afternoon at EF grantee science fair promoting the new ENS Dapp, logo, and our special name tag! It was great that people stopped by our booth to express their ENS love, as well as showcasing their DAPP integrating with ENS.

Wimel from Seville with our ENS sticker. He has done a tutorial of how to use ENS at this local Ethereum meetup.
Kai from GiveEth stopped by to showcase his new dapp AddrETH

During the science fair, there was a series of lightning talks by the grantees and RicMoo from Ethers.js expressed his ENS luv from the stage which made us emotional.

At the evening of day 0, beltran and makoto_inoue gave the on-boarding workshop for non developers.

This was one of the trickiest session to prepare for. We anticipated that not many people would visit Prague with ETH and/or a dapp browser.

Also, our brand new ENS manager was still under active development. We weren’t sure how much of the new Dapp we could use during the workshop. In the end, Jeff Lau implemented the majority of the Dapp features, so we were able to use it during the workshop.

It was also great that exiledsurfer from Status was on site to help participants set up their status mobile wallet and associated ENS name ( yourname.stateofus.eth). Doing this required SNT tokens, so people who on-boarded received free SNT from the ENS team

Tony Farrow from Mind & Machine was also present. He gave away 500 .luxe domains, celebrating .luxe (Let U eXchange Easily)domain integration with ENS.

In the evening, the ENS team had dinner together. Like most blockchain projects, we are highly distributed team. This was the first time we all met in the same place.

In the mean time, Dean didn’t even bother coming to ENS dinner. He did received Kudos from Kevin Owocki though.

Day 1

No ENS related sessions but Nick Johnson received a halloween horror gift, the hexadecimal T-shirts! That’s the worst nightmare for ENS and the whole Ethereum ecosystem!

And Nick continued receiving ENS luv.

Day 2

In the morning, Jeff Lau and makoto_inoue led an ENS integration workshop for developers. Attendees were mostly interested in issuing subdomains for their Dapp. We covered this extensively. Jeff also explained the overall ENS architecture, use of the ENS js library and his latest ENS manager.

It was followed by Nick Johnson’s AMA session.

Unfortunately, the AMA collided with a keynote talk by Cory Doctorow, which some ENS betrayers decided to attend.

What a dramatic ending… we thought we bonded so well.

Day 3

Some of the ENS members left Prague early, full of ideas and excitement.

This concludes the ENS team DevCon4 recap. We really enjoyed the conversations we had during the conference. We hope this is the great start of our relationship with you (as ENS users as well as integrators) and hope you subscribe to medium, follow us on twitter, post ideas to our forum , join conversation on our gitter channel and start contributing on github.