Trickle, dTok, and More: Meet the ENS Winners at ETHCapeTown

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is proud to be a 2019 Season Partner with ETHGlobal. This means we’ll be at all of their hackathons this year, helping new and old Ethereum developers alike learn about ENS, and offering special prizes for the best projects that integrate it.

Their hackathon in Cape Town, South Africa that took place last week was the first ETHGlobal event in Africa, and it was a great success! In collaboration with Linum Labs, there were +140 hackers, 42% were brand new to Ethereum, and 33 new hacks were produced. (You can see all the submissions here.)

On our part, we offered $200 to each of the five best teams to integrate ENS, and we are proud to feature them below.

With some of the projects, you may think that the ENS integration is “minimal,” that it’s really a project about something else with a little bit of ENS sprinkled on to qualify for our side-prize.

But that’s the point: ENS is a basic part of any complete Ethereum dapp.

We believe that in every instance a user might otherwise see an Ethereum address or content hash, they should instead see an ENS domain. ENS is not something your dapp might use, it’s something without which your dapp is unfinished.

So our goal with this prize was not necessarily to get people to build cool things entirely with ENS, but to get more people integrating ENS into whatever dapp they’re already building. (To integrate ENS into your dapp, see our documentation.)

Social Recovery Wallet

Built by Nick Kozlov and Artem Vorobev, Social Recovery Wallet allows you to send ETH and DAI via a nickname or ENS name. You can restore access to your account with its weight-based multi-sig contract.

ENS integration: Resolves ENS names in the send field.

You can view their submission page here and play with the dapp online here.


Built by Anton Bukov and Sergej Kunz, NИtube is an incentivized peer-to-peer video streaming surface.

ENS integration: ENS names are used as nicknames for creators.

You can view their submission page here and play with the dapp online here.


Built by Nikita Savchenko and Kirill Beresnev, Trickle allows people to create hourly-rate-driven contracts between multiple parties in any ERC20-compatible tokens or stablecoins.

ENS integration: Smart contract of agreement is displayed as ENS name.

You can view their submission page here and play with the dapp online here.


Built by Madhur Kumar Sharma, Leopold Joy, Matej Nemček, and arsenyjin, dTok is a pay-as-you-go live streaming service using Raiden, Burner Wallet, and ENS.

ENS integration: Video producers have an ENS name to receive funds.

You can view their submission page here.


Built by Richard Moore and Yuet Wong, Will-o-the-Wisp is an “intentionally self-destructive Ethereal on-chain-ish Wallet.”

ENS integration: Uses ENS names for permission control.

You can view their submission page here.