The Weekly GOOD, vol. 30

(mis)labeling (in) America
 May 26, 2018

Some Good Bits: This weekend, we’re sweating — with mad respect. There are some very special workouts called ‘Hero WODs’ designed to honor some of America’s fallen soldiers. Meet just three of these WODs via social media on WODwell: Murph, Omar, and Joshie. (There are so many more to honor, as well.)

AND — the fine folks at CrossFit Discovery want to know who you will be honoring this weekend. Choose your hero, register, and honor them this Memorial Day weekend.


Read: Memorial Day weekend is America’s unofficial start to summer. We’ll be enjoying time with family and friends as we sip fresh cocktails made in a pitcher and catch up around the grill. Speaking of grill… the experts at Nashville’s butcher shop Porter Road are dishing out their advice for underrated cuts of meat to cook this Memorial Day weekend.

> 6 underrated cuts of meat to cook this Memorial Day


Read: Soooo many seals. Soooo many labels. Soooo many logos. What good does it do to point out the difference in products if no one notices? A new report shows that, while people say that sustainability influences their purchasing behaviors, 92% of participants didn’t even notice such claims. Greenwashing is real, folks. So much (integrated) marketing.

> Consumers don’t notice on-pack sustainability claims, study says


Read: The self-described “lunatic farmer” takes a NYT writer to the mat. James McWilliams recently shared his thoughts on our broken food system. In this response (which originally appeared on his Polyface Farm’s FB page), Salatin rebuts McWilliams’ take on emissions, pasture mismanagement and the economic scale of making pasture-raised livestock the norm.

> Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’


Read: Words matter. Who governs what is — and is not — the correct definition of “GMO”? The USDA? Farmers? Consumers? …Whole Foods? Once stringent in its stance to label GMOs clearly for their consumers, Whole Foods seems to be pumping the brakes. “In an email to suppliers on Friday, Whole Foods President and Chief Operations Officer A.C. Gallo announced the company would pause its genetically modified (GMO) food labeling requirements, which were scheduled to take full effect on September 1. The rules, first announced five years ago, require that suppliers disclose the presence of genetically modified ingredients on all packaging.”

> Whole Foods quietly pauses its GMO labeling requirements

Originally published at The Ethical Omnivore.