The Weekly GOOD, vol. 36

Who doesn’t enjoy breakfast in bed?
 July 7, 2018


Read/Watch: A more recent personal favorite from Jason Isbell carries the weighty question: “Are you living the life you chose? (or) Are you living the life that chose you?” Sobering thought. And, with all the negativity that seems to dominate our news channels and social feeds, it’s easy to not be able to see the forest for the trees. Example: “Last year, the world had 12 ongoing wars, 60 autocracies, 10 percent of the world population in extreme poverty, and more than 10,000 nuclear weapons.” And that’s great news, since 30 years previous those numbers were triple. Seriously though, things are better now than they’ve ever been. When discussing mental health & clarity, it’s also important to tune in and identify with your self. As simple as it sounds, it’s mega-super-huge-important for our personal well-being. #DoWhatMakesYouHappy

> New evidence that the world really is getting better


Read: Potatoes. Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew… they’re delicious. We love them. But not when they’re soggy. Lamb Weston, the country’s largest fry manufacturer is working very hard to keep ’em crispy, longer, in our age of ultra-convenience. It’s a very delicate process, but it also involves potatoes hitting metal blades at 75 mph. You probably don’t know all this about french fry manufacturing. I didn’t. It’s an interesting read. Side thought: We often talk bad about the Industrial Revolution, but it gave us the campfire favorite s’more. So…

> A French fry gets soggy in 5 minutes. This company wants to keep it crispy for 60.


Read: Here’s an easy way to put a simple, hearty breakfast on the table. You can make this version to eat solo and have a ready-made breakfast all week or double up the recipe to serve to a hungry table. This breakfast casserole recipe is extra convenient because you can prep and assemble the ingredients in advance and store them in the fridge until you’re ready. Just cut and cook all the ingredients separately, assemble in a casserole dish, and refrigerate. When you’re ready to cook, heat the oven and pop in the breakfast casserole. Boom!

> Make a Hearty Breakfast Casserole


Read: I’ve been explaining to people for years that there is no such thing as “cheap” food. Somewhere along the line, it becomes more expensive for some piece of the process. IOW: Someone pays for discounted food. Customer’s wallets, customer’s health, the retailer, distributor, manufacturer, farmer, farmer’s land, or an animal on that land. On some level, someone (or thing) pays. In the case of recent Amazon Prime discounts on hundreds of items at Whole Foods, it’s vendors. And not voluntarily. And, seemingly, not transparently. Will Amazon undo all the trust that Whole Foods has built with customers and vendors alike in the natural foods world?

> Who’s really paying for Amazon Prime’s new discount at Whole Foods

 > A California brewery is making a non-alcoholic product. And not an “N/A” product. It does, however, include THC and/or CBD. Yes, that’s right, it’s
cannabis-infused sparkling water. By Lagunitas. Too bad Sweetwater has the name “420” on lock in the beverage space.

> Oh, and good news for bourbonphiles: Buffalo Trace is calling off the shortage (well… kinda)

Originally published at The Ethical Omnivore.