The Weekly GOOD, vol. 37

Perhaps not everyone loves that dirty water, Boston?
 July 14, 2018

Some Good Bits (via TGK): Here are some fresh starts to the day via social media — Candy Complex has us drooling over this breakfast table; Anneka Eats recommends soft boiled eggs on avocado toast, and we love that lil’ extra protein; the Whole Life Challenge got us thinking that breakfast is the first meal of the day where we can practice this philosophy.


Read: Anthony Bourdain’s passing left lots of folks with lots of questions. His career and life affected many, whether they identified with his personal life, chef life or his ability to show us places we may never see via his television shows and books. So, what’s a more fitting tribute than a traveling culinary experience. Based in New Jersey, the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail will be comprised of the 10 sites he visited in his “Parts Unknown” episode in his home state. What a great way to honor the legacy of a man who brought us so much joy.

> Here’s what New Jersey’s Anthony Bourdain Food Trail may look like


Read: “White Oak Pastures embraces environmental regeneration that is ethical, economical, efficient, and beneficial. Our zero-waste philosophy encourages us to redesign life cycles for various uses. The goal is to keep as many valuable nutrients on our farm.” With their keen eye on regenerative agriculture, this Bluffton, GA farm provides leather goods on the very farm where the animals are raised. Clutch, totes, wallets, other leather goods and rugs. “Utilizing our hides in this way makes them incredibly exclusive because it’s a bona fide, full-circle, zero-waste, start-to-finish product.”

> Waste not, want not


Read: Healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner snacks from an airport vending machine… say it IS so! Good news — it is. Chicago startup Farmer’s Fridge supplies ready-to-eat meals in locations around Chicago and has expanded into the Milwaukee market. Menus are curated by a classically-trained chef and registered dietician. This rapidly-growing company has 70 employees and 75 locations in the Chicagoland area. Meals range from $4 to $12. Eaters can return the plastic, BPA-free jars to the machine for recycling. Digging this trend.

> Farmer’s Fridge supplies healthy-food vending machines


Read: Food and politics have long been intertwined. Take Britain’s Minerva Café for example. Started in 1916, it was a gathering place for women of the suffragette movement. Championing equal voting rights, the Minerva was created as part of its headquarters, The Women’s Freedom League. Why vegetarianism? “While fighting for the right to vote, many passionately argued against vivisection, wearing fur coats and stuffed-bird hats, and eating meat.” Yes, just hearing the word ‘suffragette’ makes me think of the Bowie song too, but… I think that’s a quite different story, altogether. 😉

> How vegetarian food fueled the British Suffragette Movement

 > Elon Musk is one seriously busy guy. I honestly don’t know how he makes time for all of his projects. Like,
fixing water in Flint (MI) homes contaminated above FDA levels. Noble.

Originally published at The Ethical Omnivore.