The Weekly GOOD, vol. 38

Here pig, pig, piggy
 July 29, 2018

Yes, I know that image above was in EO37. It needs to stay there. It’s a recurring theme. I’m tempted to drop a Slayer link in here. Oops, I did.


Read: Clean. We talk about that label for food all the time. But what the hell does it mean? Not what it used to, that’s for sure. “The definition of ‘clean’ is necessarily murky, because it’s not based on scientific reality so much as subjective perceptions about authenticity and artificiality. In general, consumers seem to feel recognizable ingredients are safer and more wholesome, while additives with chemical-sounding names are undesirable or even dangerous. What determines whether an ingredient is “clean,” then, is not its safety or salubriousness, but how it is perceived: whether it’s foreign-sounding enough to cause a label-scanning shopper to think twice.” One thing it definitely means: 💰 . From ingredients, foods and companies to authors and celebrities (Pollan, Food Babe), people are leveraging their knowledge/advice/mission for the almighty dollar. Is that bad?

> Clean label’s dirty little secret


Read: To the point:”This week, the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), which administers the grants, announced awards of over $10.6 million in CIG funds to 22 projects across the country. Half of the awards went to land grant universities and half to NGOs.” Supporting science-based solutions that benefit both the farmers and the environment is so cool! And the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)

> Sustainable agriculture groups awarded USDA conservation innovation grants


Read: Our friends at The Good Kitchen just launched a free eBook Download of 21 of their favorite recipes. These recipes are garnered from 7 years’ worth of feeding people fully-prepared meals across the entire United States. TGK has help hundreds of people eat Paleo, Primal, ketogenic, AIP, and gluten free without the fuss of cooking and cleaning. They enjoy seeing members transform their lives through better nutrition. And now, they’re sharing some of those recipes for you to enjoy at home!

> Get 21 Deliciously Curated Recipes from TGK


Read: Everyone’s busier. Nobody has time to cook. Paradoxically, there is a growing number in our population that care more and more about where our food comes from, and that we can pronounce the ingredients that make up our favorite foods. Right? Seems that’s even more prevalent in millennials. So… ready-to-eat frozen foods are trending. “If millennials are more discerning than ever about their food, they can also be more flexible. Their sometimes-fastidious diets and close attention to ingredients have created more opportunities for frozen food products, not less.”

> Millennials are finding hope up the frozen food aisle

 > Some French vegans are pissed. And they’re getting pushy.
French butchers ask for protections after threat from militant vegans. Weird.

Originally published at The Ethical Omnivore.