Core Beliefs

Society’s expectations & standards VS my inner yet true self

Core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, the world, and the future. Sometimes, these core beliefs become ‘activated’ in certain situations. Here’s an example: Erica is able to challenge her thinking in most situations.

I washed how it ate away at him. How weak it made him feel. Compromising his integrity instead of doing what was right!

I’m not gonna shut up. I’m not gonna walk away from this.


The difference between college and high school:

College: has no teachers, principals or staff telling you to put on a sweater for wearing an inappropriate shirt. Like if your wearing a t-shirt with an inappropriate or (other) against the dress code. They tell us during the spring-summer weather (high school) to wear sweaters underneath tank tops even though it’s hot outside. Hello… It’s hot out, if we put a sweater on, we may overheat. We won’t follow your expectations on what we are expected to wear to school. It’s suicide to wear a sweater in that kind of weather. Think of ways of dying. Overheating is one of the many on that list. The school board and the government never think that way. And never think that is a reasonable thing that exists in the world!

Another good thing about college being compared to high school is that you don’t get judged there. Where’s high school people judge your looks, actions and words. I feel like I can be me and no one judges me in the new environment.

To me, I like to think about a piece of art called: Guenica, and the horse that knew better, which was mentioned in Girl Meets World: Creativity episode of season 3.

“The earth can pull you down with all its gravity. And the measure of your worth is sometimes hard to see.” ~ Rise

No matter what happens in our lives, some things we call circumstances aren’t in our own control whether they happen and how they happen. We have more than enough control to make the right decisions that come with how we choose to react to everything that happens in our lives.

Yeah we all wish our lives could have turned out more like we wanted it to, but in all cases here, we have something worthy enough to be appreciated and to be treasured. And they are those people who you surround yourself with in which have been there for you by your side through your hard, rough and dark times in your life. So I believe that it’s worth treasuring and feeling grateful to have. Because we as humans aren’t grateful nor practice gratitude enough in our busy daily lives!

And in conclusion, I believe that we can change that with the way we think. Change the way you feel by changing the way you think as per stated below the title on the cover for the “Mind Over Mood” book.

It is more than stated with evidential support that we must learn to love ourselves first before finding ourselves to love someone else. We must love ourselves so we can learn and know how to love others. What that love looks like. Same goes with peace.

If the world as a whole society is serious about wanting to achieve world peace, we must know that we must learn to love ourselves to reach the point in the process of being at peace with ourselves to truly know and see what that peace actually looks like

Love yourself and the rest will come into place on it’s own. Nature has it’s own mind and it’s own path, it cannot be controlled by anyone, or it will make a mess of your own life. So we must accept, respect, and learn that we need to respect that fact enough to let life and nature do its job and everything we want will fall into place. Even when it feels like our life is falling apart. It’s actually falling into place. We must learn that we need to go through our worst days to earn our best ones.

Even though our lives may not turn out the way we had hoped, we got the things we wanted, just happened in a different order followed by a completely different path.

Sometimes making that first step is harder, and easier said than done. But truth be told, nothing in life is easy. Because if things in life we wanted were easy, we wouldn’t learn anything. We wouldn’t grow as a person and as a society.

So yeah, life may be hard, tough and even unfair, but it’s not too of either of those labels. Life is hard but that’s what makes life challenging enough to change us for the better.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

And by letting ourselves be challenged by the tough levels of life to get to where we wanna be, we allow ourselves to be changed enough to grow each and every day!

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