Is It Really Worth Risking Millions Of Lives To Gain World Peace And Freedom?

Fighting in war…

As a somebody, we want to be heard and we wanna be our own person and to live our life by our own terms and to the best of our ability of the kind of life we intend on living. And in which can easily be taken away especially if we allow it to happen. It may be possible but that doesn’t mean we can’t do what we can on our end to prevent it from destroying our lives in all the ways it can.

It’s all in how we respond to these moments and how we bounce back from them including our mistakes that helps define who we are as a perosn. Though this isn’t the only thing that defines us, there are much more things out there that define us in the end.

Though the next subtopic I wanna cover next still relates and links to the main subject of this article post. And to start off with that, I wanna first introduce the topic of the real reasoning for my belief that fighting in war (soldiers) is not a ethical nor efficient way of resolving or gaining world peace.

If we want wold peace, we gotta know where that must begin. How can we find ourselves to fully understand how to do that as in first understanding all the facts yet every single detail. Well to get to that, I’ll be posting an article sometime this week to answer this problem; this question.

To which had occured to me wondering how we can as an individual of our society play our part in achieiving world peace. It wasn’t until at least late last year or earlier this year (2017) when I had discovered or come to realize the true answer.

As a kid I never knew. I’d have to hustle just to make it through…I just wanna be treated fair ‘cause that’s all I ever knew. Tellin’ me I need to slow down. Can you believe we still around? After so many hit the ground. And we ain’t gonna stop now. Until we get that: Freedom, (oh) Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. Everything I have, everything I own. All my mistakes, fan, you already know. I wanna be free. I wanna be free.

We all want freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to express ourselves freely. Freedom of speech. We all want these things and yet there are so many problems and issues that arise so easily and fast enough that cause and prevent them from being earned and achieved.

If wee want freedom to be ourselves, regardless of what society expects us to be (standards and expectations) be yourself. One thing that doesn’t make any logical sense is that society tells us to be ourselves at certain points and yet they still judge us negatively.

To me, I thought that when someone is judging you, they are in a negative way, but I learned that making a judgement can be either good or bad; negative or positive.

If you wanna be heard and to be accepted for all that you wanna become as a human being and citizen of society, do what makes you happy. Because deep down the only logic that makes sense to follow is your own. To follow and listen to your heart, or your gut. Don’t be someone else (a fake) just to gain society’s approval/validation or acceptance.

The only real acceptance that matters here is your own. Accept, respect, understand and love yourself for who you are and all that you are, flaws and all! One other important point to add here is that no one is perfect and most things in life aren’t either. For me, I’ve worked hard enough to strive for perfection. I didn’t succeed and I have more than enough proof and logic that explains exactly why I didn’t succeed in striving and achieving perfection.

Along with why I believe that striving for perfection is unhealthy for both the mind, body and soul and yet also very unsuccessful for all the proof I have that helps back up my main statement/belief of perfection being overrated.

My reasons are as stated here:

  • No human being is perfect and we should all just strive for imperfection instead.
  • Working our absolute hardest to achieve perfection doesn’t succeed nor comes out with any positive judgements or outcomes.
  • Most things in life aren’t perfect and nor do we have to strive to be perfect just like them.
  • Perfection is overrated, imperfection is way healthier for the mind, body and soul than perfection ever has.
  • Striving for perfection only ends up hurting you in all areas that apply that can in time destroy your mental health more than you can ever imagine.
  • I’ve stopped striving for perfection because of how it had impacted and harmed my mental health and wellbeing. For as important my mental health is to me, I will do whatever I need to do to keep it healthy and continue improving my mental abilities and becoming mentally stronger each and every day!
  • Although when it comes to those who live with OCD, they have the mental condition that they have to cope, control and maintain a healthy routine without letting their condition derail or rather deteriorate their mental condition/health and wellbeing as a whole. So for those who live with OCD, it’s gonna be hard to strive for imperfection and gradually get out of the habit of wanting/expecting everything to be perfect to your liking. If it bothers you, think about it long and hard before you make your final choice. Not everything has to be perfect.
  • Though for me, I believe that my definition of perfection is imperfect. So when I look, think or explain something and label or identify it as my belief of perfection; I mean that it’s imperfectly perfect and I’m more than okay with that!

So what are you thinking now? What have you learned from my points of view, my belief and my logical proof that stands by my main point? What have you learned here so far?

If you wanna be free, and the land is drug-free, Put your hands up, put your hands up. If you wanna be free, from all your misery, Put your hands up, put your hands up. If you wanna be free, with plenty money, Put your hands up, put your hands up. If you wanna be free, just praise G-O-D, Put your hands up, put your hands up.

If you wanna be free, you gotta set yourself free from all hate that you have ever felt. And yes that will take time, and by time I mean lots of time; so be patient.

If you wanna be free from your past and future, do your best of your ability to gradually progress with any small or big amount of success in achieving peace. You gotta remember that it’s only within your own control to be at peace with your past and future. A good example of this is referring to one of the first 3 episodes of the newest tv series (which is returning for a second series soon): The Arrangement based off of a two celebrities and scientology of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Your born to save today. Put tomorrow in a bottle/put everything we’ve got in stake, let’s worry about today and put tomorrow in a bottle. – Timbaland ft Chad Kroeger

If you want something badly enough, you gotta believe in it in order to achieve or earn it. You gotta hold on regardless of how hopeless you may feel at one moment. You gotta hold on because of how badly you truly want that something or someone.

Remind yourself of how badly you want that something or someone and use that as your motivation when in times of hopelessness. It works, trust me and all the others who stand by this.

The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible. – Alice Kingsleigh

Whatever you believe in, stand by it 24/7, but even in past times where you didn’t stand by the things or people you believe in, you always have tomorrow: another chance to start over. You don’t have to wait till the beginning of a new year to begin something new or start a journey or make new changes in your life.

If you want any kind of change in your life, it’s time that you seize this moment for all it has to offer and make it what you want. Remember: you are what you allow and you are your own limit.

Put your faith in what you most believe in.

A simple life may seem and even sound rather impossible or rather not like how anyone’s life could ever be in reality, but deep down, once we have simplified or understood the meaning of the term itself, we are able to live a simple life to the new definition of what the term means.

Being simple doesn’t mean easy and boring. It means rather not impossible, nor anything else you could possibly think of. Simplicity is about being you and achieving the kind of life you want through your own view. It’s also defining your life to be more than one may label or identify to be, but rather more to say: extraordinary than anything we may have ever seen before our eyes.

A paradise untouched by man. Within this world blessed with love. A simple life, they live in peace.

And once we simplify our life and ourselves, we are then able to life in peace along with my upcoming article later this week on the true yet missing ingredient for world peace. Keep checking in for this piece that will forever change your perspective on the path to world peace yet peace overall in the whole world.

A simple life when it comes to other important areas such as love, friendship, family, career, education, etc; it’s hard not to expect them to happen like we dream or imagine them to be. It’s when you choose to dedicate your time to loving yourself that truly helps bring you to receiving and earning love from others. Though you would think that others would express kindness, love, politeness regardless.

Only love can enter here. A simple life, they live in peace.

For example, if someone gets angry about something, that doesn’t mean you have the right to get angry back. You may want to, but don’t. You want to but that doesn’t mean you should. Hold in back and either replace it with some kind of positive and uplifting/encouraging emotion, or say something positive or just politely walk away.

And don’t forget to keep your head held high and with a great and healthy amount of confidence with no utter shame in anything that anyone may say or shame you for.

  • “Shame on you for walking away from me when I wasn’t done talking to you.”
  • “Well all I can say about that is I like myself the way I am even though that fact may not be all that relevant to the topic; though for me I felt like that was a wise choice to make in handling it. Because if I didn’t, it most likely would get out of control and both sides would regret what would be spoken in that next moment. So yeah I chose the right choice and nothing has felt of any regret so that’s a plus so there’s nothing really else to add here on that point.”
Raise your head up. Lift high the load. Take strength from those that need you. Build high the walls. Build strong the beams. A new life is waiting. But danger’s no stranger here.

Yes, life is hard but when you look at it from the right angles and choose to stay strong and remain positive, do what makes you happy and be your own person, life is good!

No words describe a mother’s tears. No words can heal a broken heart. A dream is gone, but where there’s hope.

Even when our dreams get taken away, it’s within our own power and control to get them back and to rightfully claim them as ours and that you won’t let them take anything away from you again!

Somewhere something is calling for you. Two worlds, one family. Trust your heart. Let fate decide. To guide these lives we see.

People think that all we have to do to receive a wish we make but in reality here, we gotta make our own luck. We gotta put in enough work in order to earn and receive the outcomes in result.

“Enough with performance art, it’s time for protest art!” – Step Up Revolution!

Stop with demanding change, it’s time to protest and use our creativity, optimism and all else to benefit in creating a better future of ourselves and those in our society!

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