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When it comes to learning in life each and everyday, it’s something that’s not an easy thing to do for many of us. For example, it can be easier for some people who are more mindfully aware of looking for a lesson in everything we do whether its a good or bad outcome. And for others, not so easy to see the lesson in each moment and to allow ourselves to experience everything without any denial or refusal of experience.

Nothing in life is easy, if it were easy, nothing and nobody would ever change. So we must allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone (as per no change happens in a comfort zone) and let ourselves feel uncomfortable and choose the right risks with the method we choose to earn change in result.

And for me, it took me plenty of time to adapt and accept the things I couldn’t change and allow myself to be impacted and to experience life with both the good and bad characteristics of doing so. Which I did not like but I know I had to experience it anyway so I could learn from my experiences. And because of that, I have become quite stronger and wiser in the long run which I”m confident and proud of!

Those people who you look up to whether they are family, friends, teachers, mentors, or other acquaintances; they are truly life-savings in s many ways. Having one or more role models to look up to is really important and yet crucial with being inspired and encouraged by others to live a life you want to the absolute fullest!

Two people who inspire me:

  • Courtney: guidance, supportive, aspiring to her beliefs, values and career goals!
  • Tracey: advocates for important beliefs (mental health), relatable yet supportive, guidance

Through the 20.5 years of my life so far, I’ve come across many obstacles and challenges that have helped me in so many ways including making me stronger and wiser each and every day. Each day I learn something because I allow myself to see the lesson in every moment and try my best to challenge myself in each moment to change.

In order to change, one must step outside their comfort zone. Because no change happens in a comfort zone.

For so many moments up to the moment I chose to start on my recovery which was April 25th, 2015; I’ve become quite proud of that moment I made for myself as well as all my hard work throughout the 2 years in recovery. And I am also so grateful for everything and all the people who were there by my side through it all. Couldn’t have done it without them all, including my cat, Franka!

Overall my whole life, I believe that this is more true with so many examples of my own experiences in my life of this quote. When life gets tough, you get stronger, and tougher. You don’t think, believe or accept that if someone isn’t trying hard enough from that person’s point of view or mindset, they are choosing not to or not seeing it properly.

But overall that kind of scenario is what my parents are. They choose to be closed minded yet still deny that fact and constantly tell me that it’s only me who can inspire myself, work harder, do better, and overall do all the things that make up a responsible human being and citizen of society.

This quote is something I’m thankful for! Because I have all my emotions/feelings back. And for what I’ve been through during the time (you Happiers all know about) I finally am back to real self again! I also have my life purpose again! I have a purpose for living in this world!

So in conclusion, I’m thankful that through what I went through, I’m finally feeling again! And it’s amazing to be back to normal! And I’d like to thank all of you Happiers for all your support here on Happier through my struggles in the past 2 years that I’ve been a part of this amazing and positive community! Thank you!

“What would you do if the strength was found?”

When it comes to being confident, you must feel confident not only in your own skin but also being at peace with yourself on the inside out as well as showing that confidence on the outside to help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

Anything is possible once you reach that point in recovery with many other accomplished stages, as long as you believe in yourself. If you can believe in yourself, you are half way there. Next is getting started on achieving all that you want. But of course, there’s that barrier or in other words stigma or some other label that prevents us from this next step. As for it prevents us because we fear, worry or overthink what others will think about us and how they will view us if we do work on the goals and things we want to achieve in our life.

But once you have achieved enough self confidence, self belief and inner peace, you won’t find it as challenging as much as you may even think or believe yourself to do what you want to do with your life, be who you wanna be and just not care. Achieve the life you want, after all it’s your life! Live it, own it, embrace it, create it, make it a reality!

Mental health is important enough we shouldn’t risk our own health to let others just take away our own self worth!

So we must believe ourselves that we are worthy. And keep in mid that it’s not good be easy nor should be expected to be achieved more than just easily but also that soon!

Mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our brain is what keeps the rest of the human body functioning properly! Without the brain, no human being would exist. So why shouldn’t we treat our brain like all the other organs in our body?

Why view mental health and mental illness as taboo and shameful and have so much wonder, hate and other emotions of why and how the suicide rate is so high in many countries; without realizing that they are part of those results.

If they stopped having judgments yet overall hate, shame and misunderstanding and try to support, and at least fully listen to those around us suffering and living with mental illness, saving their life counts as part of reducing the suicide rate!

~ the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

They saw not only their jobs at risk but also their sense of self-worth.

3 good things that have happened recently:

  • Working at Walmart again!!!
  • Mental health improvements and achievements!!!
  • Vacation coming closer!

Gratitude comes with its many benefits to one’s health as much as it does one’s mental health. It truly does help increase productivity, contentment, confidence, mood improvements and much more.

I’d recommend just like any mental health advocate and survivor would; being to think or write down a few things that you are grateful. It can be anything at all. It can be accomplishments (doesn’t have to be recent, could be as far as any time in your life that you were and still feel grateful you took the courage and all else to achieve anything that took a lot of struggle, pain, and more to empower yourself to start on the path to healthier and positive change in your life)!

It’s a small practice, but once you start and get into the habit/routine of doing this every day, you’ll become happier as time passes. Its not just the big moments in your life that are important that contribute to your own happiness and mood, but also those small moments too. After all like money works: every dollar counts and eventually adds up to great potential. Same goes with capturing, treasuring and being grateful for those little moments too!

I know this because I’d been practicing this for around 2+ years now. And you may wonder where it started for me? Well it started once I discovered an amazing yet life changing app called: Happier. Check it out at their website at:

Happier is such a great app, it not only acts as an online journal where you get comments, support by other users but also the community is different than the other online community platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and more. Happier also benefits its users by using the featured courses that help us mentally. It helps us cope with stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and a lot of other areas in the mental health subject itself. And believe me if you may not know yourself yet; that mental health is a huge subject, more than I thought myself.

I would honestly recommend Happier to anyone who wants or is on the journey with mental health and mental illness. The happier community also has such a great community that’s supportive as well as the founder of Happier: Nataly Kogan who has such an amazing background story. You’d be amazed at her story, especially if you are fascinated by inspiring stories as well as anything with history.

3 things I’m grateful for!

  1. Happier app & friends in happier community
  2. Music
  3. Mental health

It’s not our lack of anything, it’s everyone else’s lack of education therefore lack of what’s real and right in front of them. Yet they choose to remain the same with no progress or change in themselves.

We have to remind ourselves that yes we are the only one who should focus on our own improvements and progress with what we want to change or improve about ourselves. Try not to focus or work on getting others to understand and view the importance of caring for the mind as mental health.

It’s not worth our time to waste on them. But we can try but remember we can’t force any kind of change on anyone. We want change, we must inspire it. And make sure you set the example before making any further actions with pursing your plan to inspire healthier change.

And don’t expect or assume anyone will ever so easily start to let the inspiration take effect on them. We should use our focus only on ourself.

Self Love has always been something that gets left out of important topics covered in health classes in high school and middle schools. They may educate us on some facts or important stories like special guests being affected/impacted by mental illness. Yet they never think about educating us on how to love ourselves. about 50% of high school students are not educated on mental health prior to college.

“I get things are bad. But what are we doing to fix it?” – Cassie Newton. This is our opportunity to do something about this awareness that so many are already bringing light to this tragic yet misunderstood epidemic of mental illness; and do seomtihng that actually makes the world a safer happier place to live for all of human kind. All mammals included as well!

Some of us seem to just accept the doom in the world and in ourselves but what we don’t realise is how much we are truly capable of if we set our minds to something and never give up. Those who don’t give up, are the future. Optimists also known as “Dreamers”.

So why don’t we do a favor for our beautifully made earth and think outside the box, get out of our comfort zones (change doesn’t live there) and go face your fears, accomplish your life goals, passions, purpose and conquer the world. In result, we will be a much happier, safer and more optimistic world that’s more fair, etihical, logical yet also creative than ever before.

Its important to know that we must go through those bad and worse days before we can earn and live those great, amazing and happy days of our lives. And yes that requires a lot: commitment, strength, courage, motivation and more.

But you have to ask yourself: how badly do you wanna be recovered enough to enjoy the things you can’t when mentally ill? How badly do you want to reach that point in your life? How badly do you believe that your life has meaning regardless of any thoughts your mental illness gives you? How badly you want to survive this deadly storm and start facing a new yet fresh start in recovery?

How badly do you believe you deserve so much more than your mental illness has ever treated you?

Then let these be your motivation, your motivator like having our own personal trainer who motivates us and pushes us to change us. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.