Scary Changes

To the many others of society who are in the other side of this whole invisible epidemic and stigma thing around mental illness, we all on the other side must continue doing our parts with our creative projects to help end the hate, stigma & discrimination as well as lowering the suicide rate enough as low as zero to bring us closer to world peace!

If the whole world being a whole society is serious enough about wanting to achieve world peace, they all must start being more mindfully aware of what they are missing. If they want it badly enough, they gotta find themselves and allow themselves to feel uncomfortable because that’s how you earn and gain change.

Because no change happens in a comfort zone.

Everyone thinks they know their friends, family members, and other acquantances. But truth be told, they really don’t. They think that they know what they are thinking at moments, but truthfully, they are having more deeper thoughts in which are so scary no one would want to have.

Having scary and dangerous thoughts like that are truly unhealthy to have and can lead to long term medical issues as well as substance abuse and suicide if mental illness doesn’t get treated in enough time. People think they don’t need to think any differntly because of the mindsets and lifestyle they’ve grown with since childhood, but its so unhealthy for those in the older generations. It leads to nasty stigma that causes only more problems than those in the order generations believe could solve them.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Regardless of the unhealthy mindsets older generations have, it’s fair to say here that no one should judge someone by their outside appearance. They may appear to be calm, tamed, normal like any other human being but truth be told, they are dying/suffering in silence by the stigma and demon inside our own brain in which we cannot just shut off or get better like the phrases society uses to help us get better.

“Sometimes your vision won’t make sense to people because it’s too big for small minds. Keep it to yourself and make it happen.” ~ Unknown