DREAMER faces deportation — what you should know

News from Univision Noticias and a tweet providing information published by the Huffington Post.

Screenshot of Univision Noticias website

Reporter Jorge Cancino from Univision Noticias, provided information as to why and how a DREAMER and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient is facing deportation without the ability to see a judge.

The article said Daniela Vargas’ inability to appear before a judge is considered legal due to Vargas currently being unprotected by DACA. The article provides more information about who Vargas is, when she was taken into custody, how she arrived in the U.S., what laws protected her stay, what lawyers can and will do to help her case, and why it is important for all DACA recipients to renew their status 150 days before their deadline.

As shown above, Vargas provided a statement following her arrest saying she does not understand why the U.S. does not “want her” and how she “would do anything for this country.”

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