Latino celebrities react to Trump’s immigration policies

News from Mitú and Hoy Los Ángeles

Screenshot from We Are Mitú

Latino celebrities that participated in a Spanish-music awards show titled “Premios Lo Nuestro” used the platform to address President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, Mitú reports.

Prince Royce and Romeo Santos, for example, both American artists but primarily known amongst the Spanish-speaking community, identified themselves as immigrants and asked for respect and equality towards Latinos. Jorge Ramos, a Mexican-born Spanish-language journalist, said he is a proud immigrant and called on the Latino community in the United States to fight for “our country”.

Just as several immigrant advocacy groups are doing, Hoy Los Ángeles is now also offering their own series of informational forums titled “Cafecito con HOY”, or “A Coffee with Hoy”.

The purpose of the informational forums, as detailed in their article, is to help the public reach those experts that usually only journalists can during press conferences. Also, they seek to improve the quality of life for those who are undocumented by educating them.

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