Latinos Spoke Out in 100 Days of Trump

From Huffington Post Latino Voices

As President Trump’s first 100th day in office fast approaches, this morning, Huffington Post Latino Voices counted down the most influential acts of defiance by Latinos during an exceedingly hostile time for immigration. The list included everything from Latinas’ outspoken roles during the Women’s March on Washington in January to the “day without an immigrant” protest back in February.

Mexican-American literary great, Sandra Cisneros, made waves when she referred to Trump as “a man who behaves like a 15-year-old” and denounced the separation of families. Arizona State University junior, Belen Sosa, an Argentine immigrant, made waves when her Facebook post showing her most recent tax forms revealed that although she is currently undocumented, she still pays taxes to the state, countering the notion that immigrants do not contribute financially. In the viral video, she also challenged President Trump to disclose his tax documents as well.

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