Trump Supporter Receives Harsh Dose of Reality

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This past week, mitú discussed the case of an Indiana woman who was in favor of stricter immigration laws until they affected her undocumented husband.

Helen Beristain agreed with Pres. Donald Trump’s rigid stance, during his campaign, because she didn’t want to “have killers next to [her] or cartels here”, she told Indiana Public Media. But to her disbelief, her Mexican-born husband, who entered the country illegaly, won’t be near her either as he was arrested and now faces deportation.

As a result, many members of the conservative community she lives in are also fighting to save him. They too are shocked that a family man, who pays his taxes is considered a “bad hombre” under Trump’s immigration order.

Mitú also reported this week on how the harsher immigration policies are specifically affecting undocumented immigrants with tattoos.

Fear of deportation seems to have caused an increase in tattoo removal services as several DACA recipients, for example, want to avoid being profiled.

Screenshot from mitú
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