4 Weird Event Crisis Situations that I have faced when working on Corporate Events.

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In the dynamic realm of event management, organizers are well-versed in expecting the unexpected. From meticulous planning to contingency strategies, every event is designed to anticipate potential challenges. However, even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves caught off guard by unforeseen and downright bizarre circumstances.

In this blog post, I venture into uncharted territory, sharing five peculiar event crisis situations that left us scratching our heads during event execution.

Brace yourself as we recount the peculiar, the perplexing, and the downright weird scenarios that put our problem-solving skills to the ultimate test.

Red, Green, Blue vs Cyan, Maroon, Yellow, Key — Know the Difference.

Me to client : Send me the Print Files

Client : Adnan, we have our regular printer, my person will print them and get them to the venue. We are extremely particular about our brand and would like for us to control that.

Me: Ok if that suits you, it would be good if we can see what your designer has come up with.

Client : The design is still underway, well make sure it is alright.

Lo and behold, their design team had created the files in RGB, a format used for Digital whereas the one used for print is CMYK and when going in to print the files had not been converted.

One of the main reasons we ask for the files is because we check this, this was however a one off, most clients just had the printing to us as well.

This caused a color variation when the file was imported to print by the printer thus giving a completely different color variant from what the clients color actually was.

Because we were already on set, unfortunately, we could only get the main backdrop re-printed post conversion by our designer.

Encrypted Content

The event is all set. Plasma screens are ready to receive pendrives that carry the different videos that are supposed to play on loop.

The videos are loaded on to the pendrives and attached to the plasmas.

All the pendrives are blank. Is it a pendrive error? Not really, all 4 were newly purchased.

It turns out a couple of the videos were encrypted and the moment the transfer was tried they were infected with Malware.

This is usually done to ensure content is protected, however, in our case this was a first. Pretty soon all the pendrives were corrupted and non-usable.

Eventually, we had to scramble laptops and connect the plasma’s using HDMI cables.

Guest of Honour reaches the wrong hotel on the other end of the city.

Many a times, 2 hotels belonging to the same brand are in the same city and unfortunately, the guest of honour landed up at the wrong hotel on the South Side of the city.

We usually encourage our clients to set up an RSVP calling unit who does a couple of rounds of calls, but in this instance the client was managing it and while this can happen, we had to move the entire event agenda around to be able to place the guest of honour speech right at the end of the event.

VIP Movement on Material Route

This was at one of our events in Delhi. Our production schedule afforded us 8 Hours of Set Up Time.

That got cut short to 5 Hours thanks to our fabrication material being held up due to VIP Movement. All the trucks were halted for 3 hours.

Luckily an increase in labour and an understanding client helped us complete the set up in time.

I understand the title of this section might seem inverted, but that is intentional.

Whatever I have mentioned above were of-course noones fault, these things are not common and can happen sometimes.

What is important is to learn from these experiences. We have actually put in systems in place that even factor these things in now. Hope these experiences help you as well.

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