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3 min readJun 21, 2023
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A prospect I was speaking to yesterday got miffed when I said I wouldn’t be interested in taking on a project because we have a recommended minimum budget.

As the conversation went on I was subject to a monologue about how it was an opportunity of a lifetime for my agency if I were to take it up.

I quote, “ Adnan, this is a start, we do a lot of work all through the year and this is your foot in the door for future work!”

It went to downright intimidation,” This is India, you need to take the opportunity that comes your way, or you won’t even get this. Let’s not waste any time, my colleague will call you tomorrow and fix up a time, please come in with the project deck and estimate tomorrow and pitch it to us. I will rope in my seniors for the meeting as well. Put your best foot forward and it will open up doors for you.”

I had to stop him at that point again,” I am sorry but I won’t be coming in tomorrow, this is not something we will be interested in.”

He hangs up.

Here are some of the reasons why I did not want to take this up.

1) The monologue I mentioned above is something I have heard countless times in a career spanning 15+ years. It is always the same and surprisingly the clients who have given me that have rarely ever converted for us.

2) This call was received by me at 4.30 pm on a Monday evening, and it was suggested I would receive a call the next day from a colleague for a time the same day, where we needed to go in with a presentation and costs to pitch it to the seniors that he would rope in.

3) The minimum buy-in is suggested by us, because we know what quality can be offered and what a quality output can do for the clients we work with. Being a boutique agency, we dedicate our efforts on specific types of projects that allow us to explore creative and impactful ways that an immersive experience can be created and ones which give us the revenue we target.

4)Most importantly, we tend to work more with clients who understand what their project needs and take into account the expertise that we are being hired for, with realistic expectations, timelines and a mutual respect for the person they are speaking to.

Unfortunately, that system of attracting multiple idea decks and quotations has become standard practice and what is worse is, idea decks are requested with the deadline being yesterday with the person on the other end not being adequately informed and not really being courteous enough to regretfully inform the agency if their deck does not get through.

I find this practice as being extremely limiting for the Industry.

I think as an agency, the decision to get involved with work that excites us and gives us the room to build something that makes us proud has done wonders for us. We have an amazing client base who we are delivering quality work to.

What are your thoughts?

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