Reading Between the Lines — An Event Guys Take on Enhancing Audience Experience

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In the context of an event , being able to recognize and observe things based on cues, signals or other underlying factors can be immensely helpful with delivering an experience that attendees want and not something that they need to endure.

These of course take some time getting used to and frankly take a bit of experience to foresee.

Here are some perspectives that we need to have when running the event.

Attendee Engagement: We are constantly on the lookout to gauge the level of audience participation and enthusiasm during activities that we have suggested. I personally rarely have anything else to do at the event as most of it is managed by the team, my job is to simply keep an eye on these things and advise the clients about what shifts need to be made and understand whether they are possible.

Image Source : Pegasus Archives ( This image actually has 120 MD’s from different global offices participating in a flash mob )

Body Language and Non-Verbal Cues: We are constantly paying attention to the non-verbal cues of attendees, such as facial expressions, gestures, and posture, can provide insights into their reactions, emotions, and level of interest in the event content.

Even with a speaker For example, in the middle of a presentation, if a speaker is facing certain issues, maintaining eye-contact can be a make or break between them moving to verbally telling you that issue in front of everyone.

This is also true when we have a time limit, one of our team members is always maintaining eye contact with the speaker gesturing to them and guiding them towards concluding their presentation or the panel discussion etc.

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Networking and Connections: By observing the networking dynamics, conversations, and relationship-building happening among attendees, we can assess the quality and effectiveness of their networking opportunities and create strategies for enhancing future networking experiences.

We sometimes create planned networking opportunities to ensure attendees get maximum output from attending. Which includes building more connects.

Simple subtle things like a small contest where people get together randomly and upload a selfie online can do wonders for attendee participation.

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Feedback and Questions: Analyzing the feedback received during Q&A sessions, surveys, or direct interactions with attendees can help event organizers identify any unmet needs, areas for improvement, or topics of particular interest that may have been indirectly expressed by the attendees.

Sometimes, attendees are extremely vocal. However, most times we need to really look at the common sentiment expressed with a lens to figure what can be added hereon.

Even if we do not have a formal questionnaire, other sources such as social media mentions tend to help us understand better.

These are just a few examples, I am sure there are many more.

By paying attention to these subtle cues and indicators, event profs and clients alike can better understand the needs, preferences, and experiences of their attendees and make informed decisions to enhance future events.

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