ECC #4: ‘Responding to Lockdown’ for Festivals

George Follett
May 21, 2020 · 3 min read

In the final webinar of The Event Creator’s Collective series on responding to lockdown we focussed on festivals of all shapes of sizes.

Festivals face some unique challenges as an industry which makes them particularly impacted by social distancing measures. This webinar featured a panel from a diverse set off events to understand how they see the next 12 months playing out.

On this week’s panel we were joined by:

  • Jon Walsh: Shambala festival and Kambe events
    Shambala festival is a household name on the UK music festival scene. It’s famous for their independent vibe and unwavering commitment on community and creating an intimate event. Shambala is a guaranteed sell out and attracts 20k festival-goers year in year out.
  • David Mountjoy: Wilkswood Roots Reggae Festival
    Wilkswood Festival is a 5k capacity family friendly reggae festival by the beautiful Dorst coast. The event attracts leading reggae artists from around the world, exceptional food and an environmentally-friendly site.
  • Michael Johnston: North Leeds Food Festival
    The North Leeds Food Festival is a family friendly celebration of international and local talent, expressed through food, drink, live music, arts and charity. The main weekend will see 20k local food fans descend on the festival.

Each panelist shared how the lockdown is playing out for them. Though there was a shared sense of uncertainty and a feeling that they are lacking guidance from regulators, there were also some fascinating hypotheses on factors festival organisers should be considering in the coming 12 months.

Be prepared to invest in additional facilities

Detailed festival layouts

Prices may have to increase

Focus on building consumer confidence

Virtual events don’t make sense, but digital content might be more important

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