Day in the life

Cory is updating his status on Facebook.

Cory is sipping a tall mocha with whip.

Cory is writing about “high-semantic storage” and other things he doesn’t fully understand.

Cory is eating a drumstick at his desk and trying to imagine world peace. The drumstick is really good.

Cory is on a conference call with a bunch of forward-looking people.

Cory is thinking he’d like to be in Maui, bobbing in the waves of Napili Bay right about now.

Cory is going downstairs for an iced latte.

Cory is trying to arrange an interview with a famous colleague but his subject doesn’t have the bandwidth for that right now.

Cory is ready for the weekend. Oh, wait, this is only Wednesday.

Cory is chowing down on leftover pizza, his workday done.

Cory is at the yoga center.

Cory is.